The Best Dog Bowl Based on Your Pet's Feeding Style

golden retriever eating from silver metal dog bowl
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Every dog has his own eating style: Some gobble down their food fast, while others like to take their time. They can be messy eaters, fast eaters, slow eaters, or picky eaters. And the type of bowl that you serve their food in could improve the way your dog eats.

When shopping for a dog bowl, consider the cost, style, safety, purpose, durability, and ease of cleaning. If you think about it, your dog's bowl is an important part of his basic nutritional health. Stainless steel bowls are by far the most durable, and we also like the fact that they're dishwasher-safe. Plastic bowls are affordable and unlikely to break if dropped, though they're not recommended for aggressive chewers. Ceramic bowls come in a protective glaze and are unlikely to tip over, but they can chip or crack (which harbors bacteria) over time. Elevated bowls are comfortable for bigger breeds and senior dogs, and their use can help prevent gastrointestinal problems like bloat. Automatic bowls are attached to a reservoir that will, on cue from your programming, dispense kibble at designated mealtimes. These are great options for working pet parents.

"For fast eaters, slow feeders such as Harmony Navy Plastic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl and Hyper Pet LickiMat Playdate Blue Slow Feeder Mat for Dogs incorporate inset obstacles that aid in slowing down the feeding process and help prevent bloating and vomiting," recommends Jarett Antoque, Petco's merchandise manager. "For messy eaters, placemats like Harmony Mint Rubber Placemat are key, as lifted edges help contain messes and keep bowls and food in place. Bowl sets such as Harmony Silicone Double Diner Dog Bowl Set and Neater Brands Bronze Elevated Dog Diner are also great options for keeping any messy meals isolated to one area."

To help make feeding your pup even easier, we found the best bowls for your dog based on their specific eating style. Mealtime is an even more enjoyable experience when their food bowls are chosen to suit their specific needs.

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For Fast Eaters

White Hohman Medallion Small Slow Feeder
Courtesy of Wayfair

If your dog tends to inhale his food, then a slow feeder bowl will help him to take his time. The spiral obstacles inside of the bowl ensure that your dog will have to eat his food at a slower, healthier pace.

Shop Now: White Hohman Medallion Small Slow Feeder, $18,

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For Messy Eaters

Neater Feeder Deluxe Large
Courtesy of Neater Pets

This dual-bowl stand is designed with protective walls to contain splashes and spills as well as a filtering system that drains into a lower reservoir for easy cleanup. No more dog food on the floor or carpet.

Shop Now: Neater Feeder Deluxe Large, $60,

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For Overeaters

PetKit Fresh Metal Large Machine Washable Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl
Courtesy of PetKit

If your dog is overweight, then an automatic portion control feeder system may be the perfect solution. The feeder is designed for dry food only, so no moist treats or wet food. Set it to serve up to three meals a day.

Shop Now: PetKit Fresh Metal Large Machine Washable Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl, $,40,

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For Senior-Age Eaters

Doca Pet Fare Feeder
Courtesy of Doca Pets

Medium and tall dogs can avoid straining their necks with an elevated food bowl. This is also good for older dogs or ones that have joint or muscle issues. The higher edges on the bowl prevent food from spilling.

Shop Now: Doca Pet Fare Feeder, $128,

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For Puppy-Age Eaters

Harmony Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Courtesy of Harmony

Small puppies have a tendency to gulp down their food too fast and make a mess. Teach them better table manners with a bowl system that's just their size and designed to prolong their meal time and prevent indigestion.

Shop Now: Harmony Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, $15,

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For Little Appetite Eaters

Yamazaki Home Pet Food Bowl with Stand
Courtesy of Yamazaki Home

Think small and shallow: This dual-sided bowl is made for pint-sized pups. The ceramic bowls nestle snuggly into the metal frame and the padded feet help keep the stand in place.

Shop Now: Yamazaki Home Pet Food Bowl with Stand, $35,

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For Big Appetite Eaters

Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl
Courtesy of YETI

Think large and deep: Yeti is famous for its ultra-durable, nearly-indestructible coolers—and this dog bowl is no different. Constructed from super rugged, double-wall stainless steel with a non-slip ring, it's built to satisfy enthusiastic eaters with up to eight cups of kibble.

Shop Now: Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl, $50,

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For Short-Snouted Eaters

Super Design Slanted Bowl
Courtesy of Super Design

Boxers, bulldogs, and other brachycephalic dogs have special eating needs. "For our furry friends with shorter snouts, be sure to opt for slanted bowls," says Antoque. The bowl is raised and titled so that you dog can have easy access to his food and water.

Shop Now: Super Design Slanted Bowl, $42,

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For Long-Eared Eaters

Kruuse Buster IncrediBowl for Long Ears
Courtesy of Kruuse

Basset hounds and other similar breeds notoriously make a mess of mealtime with their long floppy ears—endearing, but this can get in the way of him trying to enjoy his dinner. This bowl is conical-shaped in its design so that your dog's ears don't become stained and smelly as he eats.

Shop Now: Kruuse Buster IncrediBowl for Long Ears, $16,

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For On-the-Go Eaters

Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl, in Blue Moon
Courtesy of Ruffwear

Out for a weekend hike with your husky or shepherd? This is packable dog bowl is made to withstand the outdoor elements with a water-resistant outer fabric and water-proof lining. Simply unfold and serve dinner, no matter where you go.

Shop Now: Ruffwear Quencher Dog Bowl, in Blue Moon, $15,

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For Any and All Eaters

Wild One Personalized Bowl
Courtesy of Wild One

This bowl, with its stainless steel interior and non-skid bottom, can hold up to four cups of your pup's favorite food. Fill it up according to his nutritional needs. Bonus: Personalize yours by choosing from over 26 characters and 10 emojis.

Shop Now: Wild One Personalized Bowl, $35,

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