The moms on the team share what they like to eat on their special day.

Fruit Platter with Whipped Ricotta
Credit: Ryan Liebe

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Mother's Day is less than one week away, and while many families may be celebrating a little differently this year due to social distancing, that doesn't make Mom's celebration any less special. Our food editors are sharing how they're planning to celebrate with their families—and ,of course, it involves a delicious meal.

For senior food editor Lauryn Tyrell, there's a relaxation in not having to cook or do dishes on Mother's Day. One of her favorite meals to eat is inspired by a dish created by her own mother—fruit salad with whipped ricotta and vanilla, pictured here. "The skim ricotta gets a hint of sweetness from vanilla and maple syrup, then it's whipped in a food processor until light and airy. It satisfies a similar craving of something like a strawberry shortcake, but a lot healthier," she says. Lauryn says that her mother was very health conscious and always opted for something colorful and nutritious, rather than a plate of pancakes.

Senior digital food editor Victoria Spencer also loves getting to pass the spatula off to someone else for a change on Mother's Day. For her, it's less about the menu and more about the act of receiving a home-cooked meal by a loved one. "Having dinner made specially for you is a treat. I let the cook chose what they want to make or feel confident making rather than dictate a menu," she says. If she had to choose, though, this seasonal Asparagus-and-Lemon Risotto or Seafood Gumbo would be at the top of the list.

Editorial director of food Sarah Carey is all about incorporating seasonal produce into her Mother's Day menu. "I will often make something with rhubarb, such as a crisp, crumble, or tart, since that is right around the time when it's ready to harvest," she says. This Rhubarb Crumb Cake should certainly do the trick.


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