Manami Sasaki uses a variety of edible ingredients to create masterpieces inspired by Japanese culture.

Your parents may have taught you not to play with your food, but designer Manami Sasaki is proving that there's nothing wrong with breaking that rule. Her medium of choice? Typical morning toast. According to My Modern Met, Sasaki creates designs on toast each day that embody Japanese culture.

The designer started making her creations amid the novel coronavirus pandemic as a way to keep up with creativity without sacrificing her health. The images, fittingly titled "Stay Home Breakfast," on her Instagram, explore all things art and traditions using a variety of edible ingredients for her designs and toast as her canvas. What are some of the cultural themes she is exploring? She recently made a browned bread creation inspired by white Tsubaki—commonly known as the Camellia flower in Japan and surrounding areas. She used tomato sauce, margarine, mint leaves, and mustard to bring the design to life. "It looks delicious even with cheese instead of margarine," she said in the post. "The flowers melt and disappear in the baked version."

Sasaki recently made a toast creation to symbolize a zen garden. She used sour cream as one of her main materials to mimic sand. Matcha powder was added on top looked like moss, while the macadamia nuts and walnuts were used to mimic the look of rocks.

Each piece of toast with Sasaki's designs can be found on her Instagram, and she always shows the bread as soon as she adds the design and afterwards when she grills it to perfection. While the artist is focusing on her toast ideas in quarantine, she also uses her talents to craft watercolor illustrations, T-shirts with her designs, and even tote bags.


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