The New York Botanical Garden is offering online classes throughout the summer.

The coronavirus pandemic, and the broad quarantine guidelines that were put in place to help curb the spread of COVID-19, mean that Americans are spending more time at home than ever before. Staying home doesn't have to be boring, though; in fact, we think this is the perfect time to exercise your green thumb. After all, if you're going to log more hours in your own backyard, don't you want it to be beautiful? Whether you're new to gardening or consider yourself a total pro, there's always an opportunity to pick up a few new skills. Now, the New York Botanical Garden is offering online classes—up to seven each day of the week—on a variety of different green topics, Apartment Therapy reports, so you can brush up on your gardening skills from the comfort of your own home.

woman weeding in garden
Credit: Getty / Tatyana Tomsickova Photography

If you're interested in signing up, do so soon. One of the most popular classes—Botanical Watercolor for Beginners and Beyond—already has a waitlist for its May 4th session. "Enjoy painting botanical watercolors in a relaxed atmosphere. This class is designed for both inexperienced students and those who wish to improve their skills," the course's description on the NYBG website reads.

Other classes include Spotlight on Bird Songs, The Science of Tree Communication, Fermenting Vegetables, and Color Theory for Floral Design. NYBG also offers kid-friendly lesson plans, recipes, videos, and more to inspire your budding horticulturist. And if you need help with a specific plant problem you're experiencing, you can find help here. Each day, NYBG is hosting a class titled The Plant Doctor Is In. Participants submit gardening questions in advance of the session, then get to the root of their problem with expert-given advice during the course itself. "Whether your orchids need repotting or you want to try your hand at indoor seed starting, we're here to help," reads the online description.

And if you miss getting to see the botanical beauties in real life, the NYBG is offering virtual tours of their spring gardens. Take a tour of their tulips, marvel at their magnolias, or catch a glance of the crabapples. The price of each class varies for members and non-members, and ranges from totally free to upwards of $400 for a session.


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