The giant project is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours.
child working on jigsaw puzzle at table
Credit: Getty / Jessica Nelson

While there are plenty of different ways to keep busy while practicing social distancing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, jigsaw puzzles have reemerged as one of America's favorite pastimes. While a 500- or 1,000-piece puzzle can keep you occupied for a few hours, those looking for a greater challenge are in luck: Photography company Kodak just announced the release of the world's largest puzzle," a whopping 51,300-piece jigsaw puzzle depicting the images of 28 landmarks across the world. According to Mental Floss, the puzzle is 28.5 feet wide and six feet tall, and the finished project features well-known destinations like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

According to Kodak, the final project is guaranteed to be picture-perfect. "Each photo was initially taken by a professional photographer, then digitally enhanced and printed in high quality. You'll see the quality in every piece," the company notes.

If the thought of completing this giant puzzle all at once feels too daunting, you'll be pleased to know that you can work your way through the project one destination at a time. Each of the 27 attractions are individually packaged with 1,900 pieces to help you focus your attention on each area. In addition to this game being fun, it can also help you stay calm throughout the novel coronavirus outbreak, CNN reports.

Puzzles, according to Amanda Kahle, owner of Inner Piece, are also a great way to help you take a mental break from hectic daily tasks. "They reduce your fight or flight response because it serves as a distraction—the good kind," she says. "You're mentally looking for patterns, making connections, and that's firing off different parts of your brain that then influence hormone responses."


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