It's gooey, comforting, and totally irresistible. Isn't that something we all need right now?
chocolate chip skillet cookie served with ice cream
Credit: The Ingalls

Need an easy peasy dessert? Need it fast? Bake a skillet cookie. It's one giant cookie that you place in the middle of the table after dinner—still in the skillet it baked in—and everyone digs in. Top it with scoops of ice cream for extra credit. I didn't need to do a lot of new research for this article. Having made and eaten skillet cookies before, I know how delicious and comforting they are, and now I'm here to share my experience and encourage you to bake your own version at home.

If rolling, shaping, or otherwise molding cookies isn't your thing, that's another good reason to make a skillet cookie. Or if you want to make a cake for a special birthday but cake layers and frosting seem intimidating, a celebratory skillet cookie, candle optional, is just the ticket.

You know that a skillet cookie looks good, but how does it taste? The edges are crunchy, the inside chewy, almost gooey. Simply put, it's absolutely delicious.

skillet chocolate chip cookie
Credit: Lennart Weibull

While many cookie recipes could be transformed into a skillet cookie, my research has only encompassed these three recipes, all developed by our test kitchen, as winners. Chocolate chips are a constant for the melty, chocolatey-ness they provide. Other important considerations? These recipes are all one-bowl cookies and really couldn't be easier or more delicious. The only other equipment you need is the skillet for baking; I always use a cast-iron skillet for these cookie recipes but any 10-inch oven proof skillet works. It's important to note that baking your skillet cookie in cast iron is what gives the dessert the best crust. Another bonus? There's no need to grease the pan!

Our original recipe is a skillet take on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Add a cup of walnuts for crunch—and to pretend this is a healthy recipe.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

For deeper chocolate flavor, try the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie which has cocoa in the batter.  You'll notice this beautiful cookie can, like all skillet cookies, be served in a refined no-skillet-on-the-table manner, cooled and cut into dainty slices—which go fast.

Last but not least is the decadent cookie pictured above. It has oats and coconut added to the mix resulting in a treat with even more chew. Ice cream is optional but just know that if you serve this cookie warm with scoops of ice cream on top, it's truly magical.

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