These keepsakes deserve to be showcased in your home.
kids art wall display
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Children seem to grow up so fast. One minute, they're our little ones enrolled into kindergarten; then, suddenly, we are sending them off to college. As a parent, you want to be able to preserve these beautiful memories of your child's developing creativity. Technology has made it easier than ever before to digitize and display your kids' crafts for posterity.

You can take their artwork with you wherever you go and share it with friends and family who are miles away once you have digitized the crafts. It's also a great way to virtually back up their art projects, which could otherwise be lost over time as they grow up. Here, some of our best ideas to do just that.

Take advantage of memorykeeping apps.

Preserving your kid's crafts is easy with the right smartphone or tablet applications: Try ones like Keepy or Artkive—these apps make it easy to digitize all of their creations. Then, you have the option to share the images on social media or made into gifted keepsakes for the family, like mugs, canvas tote bags, hand towels and more.

Play with mixed-media.

To immortalize their 3-D masterpieces on limited, try a mixed-media approach: Curate all their clay sculptures, paper origami, and papier-mâché projects down to your top picks. Snap them against monochromatic backdrops, print them, and arrange them with other paintings, drawings, and collages, all in simple white frames.

Decorate as custom wallpaper and murals.

More is more when it comes to kids' creativity: They're prolific artists—and they work on a larger scale. (They would never settle for 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper when 11-by-17-inch is on offer.) For the playroom, a double-height bulletin board made from Homasote—an affordable fiberboard used for soundproofing—covered with fabric provides ample space for art by the kids as well as by visiting friends.

Make it moveable wall-art.

When the school year ends, put your children's artwork on display in an at-home gallery. Just frame the pieces with painters' tape, which comes in a variety of widths and colors. Plus, it's low-tack—so you can peel it off whenever you're ready to showcase a new set of masterpieces.

Create a traveling exhibit.

To keep the board from getting overwhelmed by paper, periodically remove all the art and file it (or send some to loved ones). But first snap a photograph of the fully covered board to document the children's progress, phases, and favorites. In a neat grid, and what once looked chaotic becomes instantly more charming (and inspiring).


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