The Best Cat Breed for You, Based on Your Personality Type

cute ginger cat on lap
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Cats first started living with humans in Cyprus about 5,000 years ago, but it wasn't until the 1800s that man started to purposefully breed different kinds of cats. Since then, they have mostly lived in a gray area between feral and domesticated. Teresa Keiger is an all-breed judge for the Cat Fancier's Association and she believes that the public perception of cats as aloof or unfriendly is based on a time before they were socialized and trained for life indoors. While some might need less attention than others, the disposition of a cat differs dramatically from breed to breed: While some are happy to spend the day on their own (as long as you commit your evenings to play and snuggles), others want to spend so much time with their humans that they will literally follow you into the shower.

Keiger insists that it is very important for potential cat owners to be honest with themselves about who they are and how they like to spend their days. "People are often drawn to a specific breed but that particular breed may not be the right one for their lifestyle," says Keiger. What does your typical day look like? Do you have a big family? How do you like to spend your free time? Do you like cuddling on the couch or running around the house? Here are a few examples of how to choose the right cat for your personality.

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If You're Independent…

Portrait of Chartreux cat relaxing on sofa at home
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For the go-getters and lone wolves, the Chartreux is an ideal companion to come home to. "They like to be with their owners but they don't necessarily cling to their owners," says Keigel. These cats are quiet, calm, and happy whether they're snuggling with you or snoozing while you're at work.

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If You're Wild...

Manx Cat
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With their penchant for long car rides and playing in water, the Manx is certainly one of a kind. The ancestors of these tail-less cats were Vikings before they settled down in Norway, so they are fully equipped for adventure. The Manx is also known to be quite protective of their families so you will likely have a bit of a watch-cat on your hands.

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If You're Full of Energy…

japanese bobtail cat
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After living a lavish life as the pets of royalty, the Japanese bobtail was put to work. Mice threatened the silk trees that made up Japan's primary industry back in the day, so the emperor released them into the wild to hunt down the vermin. "They are revered as the cat that saved Japan," says Keigel. Having reclaimed their rightful place as princes and princesses of the household, the Japanese Bobtails have plenty of energy left over for a game of fetch or tag if there are other cats in the house.

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If You're Mellow…

Elegant British Short Hair cat sitting on top of a wicker stool
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If your idea of a good time is curling up on the couch with a good book, then look no further than the British Shorthair. These cats will be just as delighted as you will be when you sit down to pet their plush hairdo. "They have the densest coat of any of our breeds," says Keigel. British Shorthairs are quiet and usually go with the flow. They don't demand much attention or playtime but don't be surprised if you find them following you around the house.

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If You Wake Up with a Plan…

Purebred abyssinian cat
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If you sometimes feel like the ringleader of your family circus, an Abyssinian would certainly help you keep the ball rolling. This leggy creature is incredibly loyal and has been described as "one of the most intelligent animals ever created." They like to learn tricks, have lots of energy for playing with children, and genuinely love being with people. "You will never be alone with an Abyssinian," says Keiger.

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If You're Easygoing...

Cute black Bombay kitten
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Bombay cats are pretty laidback, so they won't take issue with a busy household—they're comfortable with people and animals of all shapes and sizes. These curious creatures love playing as much as they love cuddling up in bed with you. Give them lots of love, and they will become your best friend in no time.

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If You Need Lots of Attention…

Beautiful devon rex cat laying on hammock and chilling
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When you walk in the door, your Devon Rex will be on you like glue. "They would go to work with you if they could," says Keigel. With their pixie-like face and their curly coat, these cats will charm the pants off every single one of your guests.

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If You're Introverted...

The Russian Blue cat
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If you like spending long weekends on your own recharging your social batteries, you could not ask for a better companion than a Russian Blue. Keiger, who breeds Russian Blues, says, "They're wary around strangers but they bond very tightly with their owners." Quiet and independent, these cats won't mind if you're away from the house for long periods of time, but they will affectionately greet you when you return.

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If You're Silly…

Cool Lykoi werewolf cat
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The Lykoi cat is a new breed, but you will greet them with open arms once you realize how sweet they are. Better known as the Werewolf Cat, the Lykoi has a bare face that lends to their goofy disposition. Their fine coat is silky to the touch and has a textured color pattern that is nonexistent in other breeds (a "roan" coat is more typically found on guinea pigs and horses). That is all to say, you will definitely have a unique roommate on your hands if you decide to adopt a Lykoi.

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If You're Affectionate…

Maine Coon Kitten Sitting On Sofa
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The massive Maine Coon is just a big ball of love: They are playful, loyal companions who are just happy to be with you. Their sturdy build makes them especially equipped to handle the smaller humans in your house. They are surprisingly patient with children and adore attention of any kind.

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