15 Paint-by-Number Projects That Will End Up on Your Gallery Wall

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Person painting with watercolors
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Painting is an imaginative way to stay mentally stimulated and entertained when stuck indoors. But as fun as channeling your inner Picasso can be, embarking on a paint project—especially if you're a beginner—can be daunting. Luckily, if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get started, there are a lot of artistic possibilities in your future. "From an art therapy perspective, painting is great to engage in if you feel like you have a lot of comfort with the messiness of it," says Nora Dankner, an art therapist and psychotherapist at Tribeca Therapy.

Best of all, there's a foolproof way to practice painting at home that won't leave you frustrated (and actually doesn't require making that much of a mess). Paint-by-numbers—or those old-school kits that come with canvases covered in numbered areas and corresponding paint colors to fill them in—are still around, and Dankner says they're a perfect project for budding artists. "Paint-by-numbers are a creative way to circumvent some of the challenges of paint for the less experienced and make it an anxiety reducing activity," she says. "It removes the variables of composition, mixing colors, or creating an image, and makes painting really accessible for those who are new to the medium."

We searched the web high and low and found a slew of beautiful, but easy-to-follow paint-by-number kits; you can order them now to keep you busy for when you're bored, or want to tackle a painting, later. From Van Gogh-inspired scenes to a vintage Euro-style still life, here are 15 paint-by-number projects so lovely, that you'll want to show them off on a living room wall when you're done.

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Send Flowers

Paint by number flowers in glass vase
Courtesy of Etsy

Looking to craft the perfect gift? Bring this beautiful bouquet to life with paint—it won't need to be thrown out in a week.

Shop Now: ICanDrawArt Beautiful Flowers Paint-by-Number Project, $13, etsy.com.

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The Masters

Paint by number Gustav Klimt The Kiss
Courtesy of Etsy

Why waste time on a so-so craft when you can paint a masterpiece instead? This luxe recreation looks surprisingly like Gustav Klimt's original and comes with screws and hooks so you can hang it up once it's finished.

Shop Now: CanvasByNumbers "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt Paint-by-Number Project, $20.99, etsy.com.

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Think Pink

Paint by number pink and white flowers in vase
Courtesy of Prestigify

This floral project—which comes with 24 different shades of pale pink, plus a few earth-toned hues for shadow—is every bit as pretty as it is fun to make.

Shop Now: Van Go "European Flowers" Paint-by-Number Kit, $21.99, prestigify.com.

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Sunflower Scene

Paint by number sunflowers in blue vase
Courtesy of Etsy

If you're a fan of modern farmhouse interiors, then we've found the paint-by-number project for you: This piece features a rustic arrangement of sunflowers.

Shop Now: Aoxgo Sunflower Painting By Numbers Kit, $11.86, etsy.com.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Paint by number mother and daughter
Courtesy of Moreas Crafts

Put this Old-World-inspired painting in your little girl's room once it dries; it's neither too young nor too precious, so it will grow with her over time.

Shop Now: Moreas Crafts "Mother, Daughter" Paint-by-Numbers Kit, $19.95, moreascraft.com.

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Cherry Blossoms

Paint by number birds on branches
Courtesy of Pretty Little Sale

Complete and frame this cherry blossom-filled piece, and it will always be the dawn of spring in your home.

Shop Now: Van Go "Cherry Blossom" Paint-by-Number Kit, $39.99, prettylittlesale.com.

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Vintage Prints

Paint by number flamingo
Courtesy of Art.com

If you love vintage art and furniture, then chances are you'll have fun working on a retro-inspired paint-by-number, like this one. The project was reproduced from a vintage print.

Shop Now: Art.com "Flamingo" Paint by Numbers, $20, art.com.

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Grecian Urn

Paint by number large flowers in vase
Courtesy of Max Novelty

This option features a textured still life overflowing from a Grecian urn—and comes on high-quality linen canvas to boot.

Shop Now: Max Novelty "Magical Flower" Paint-by-Numbers Project, $19.95, maxnovelty.com.

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Pastoral Cottage

Paint by number rural house
Courtesy of Moreas Crafts

Escape to this bucolic cottage, surrounded by colorful gardens, for an afternoon or two—without leaving your home.

Shop Now: Moreas Crafts "Rural House" Paint-by-Numbers Canvas, $19.95, moreascraft.com.

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Paint by number seascape resort
Courtesy of Max Novelty

In need of a vacation? Get lost painting your very own oceanside retreat via this seascape—no plane tickets to Venice required.

Shop Now: Max Novelty "Seascape Resort" Painting, $19.95, maxnovelty.com.

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Tree of Life

Paint by number tree of life
Courtesy of Canvas by Numbers

With bold colorways (reminiscent of those found in Baroque art), this dramatic, garden-inspired creation will serve as the focal point of any room you choose to hang it in.

Shop Now: William Morris "Tree of Life," $20.99, canvasbynumbers.com.

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Fruit Basket

Paint by number fruit
Courtesy of Moreas Crafts

Overflowing grapes, halved pomegranates, plums, and pineapples make up this fruit still life, which is one of the more involved projects on this list.

Shop Now: Moreas Crafts "Fruit Basket" Paint-by-Numbers Canvas, $19.95, moreascraft.com.

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Beach Day

Paint by number girl on beach
Courtesy of Max Novelty

Here's another option for the travel lover: The impressionist-style "Little Girl on the Beach" paint-by-number at Max Novelty supplies plenty of sunny oceanside vibes.

Shop Now: Max Novelty "Little Girl on The Beach" Painting, $19.95, maxnovelty.com.

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Paint by number red Geraniums
Courtesy of Moreas Crafts

This watercolor-inspired project slowly reveals bright red geraniums on a neutral background.

Shop Now: Moreas Crafts "Geraniums" Paint-by-Numbers Canvas, $19.95, moreascraft.com.

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European Appeal

Paint by number orange flowers and fruit
Courtesy of Max Novelty

Here's a floral project with a little more drama: Bold, energized flowers spill from an elegant vase in this painting, which boasts ample European charm.

Shop Now: Max Novelty "Europe Vintage" Painting, $19.95, maxnovelty.com.

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