From knitting to painting, here's how to pick up a new skill from the comfort of your own home.

Make no mistake about it: Crafting is a great way to stay amused and mentally stimulated when you're stuck indoors. "Crafting can keep us entertained for hours just by doing something different with our hands," says Alberto Bravo, cofounder and creative director of We Are Knitters. "We usually spend a lot of time looking at our phones, TVs, and laptops, but when you craft you feel that you're doing something useful just with your hands."

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And with the limitations of social distancing and quarantine to adhere to, there's no better time than now to starting crafting from home. "People are looking for new ways to entertain themselves while at home," Bravo explains. "Most people want to make the most out of this tough situation we are all living in, and craft activities help keep your mind occupied while being productive." Looking to start a new art project but not sure where to begin? We rounded up six websites that allow you to take crafting classes online, so you can paint, knit, and more all from the comfort of your own home.

We Are Knitters

If you aren't already following We Are Knitters on Instagram, then now's the time to start. The beloved knitting brand has been teaming up with popular craft makers for a series of IG Live workshops every Saturday and Sunday at 12 p.m. EST, so you can knit, crochet, and more with experts—for free. Not a fan of the 'gram? No worries. We Are Knitters provides a slew of regular tutorials on their Youtube channel, so you can still stitch with the best of them—no handle necessary.

Creative Live

Still undecided on your next crafting project? Then Creative Live has you covered. Along with airing free photography, art, design, audio, craft, and DIY classes online 24 hours a day, the educational platform offers over 1,500 instructor-led tutorials, ranging from fundamentals to advanced techniques, all of which are available on-demand for a small registration fee. Come for the free cake decorating lessons, but stay and signup for an introduction to screen printing.


Searching for some online craft courses that the whole family can enjoy? In addition to over 1,000 classes covering everything from embroidery to quilting, Bluprint provides dozens of family-oriented craft lessons taught by experts, including "How to Make a Comic Book" with cartoonist Jon Chad and a Top Chef-alum led pizza-making class called Pizza Revolution.


Leave it to JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores to launch a superior online platform for crafters. Along with over 1,000 on-demand crafting classes run by expert artists and makers, ranging from watercolor lettering to braiding to jewelry making, Creativebug offers an assortment of downloadable patterns, templates, and recipes so you can get a jumpstart on your next project asap. Even better, you get unlimited access to everything on the site for just $7.95 a month, but you can sign up for a free trial today.


Contemporary art lovers rejoice: We found the online resource for you. The Museum of Modern Artds has teamed up with Coursera to offer several free online courses spanning an assortment of cool topics—think "Fashion as Design" and "Postwar Abstract Painting" to name a few—so you can learn more about your favorite subject while receiving all kinds of inspiration.

Draw Botanical

Looking for activities to do with children at home? Wendy Hollender, illustrator for Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook and founder of Draw Botanical, is sharing some fun educational activities online that foster a lifelong appreciation of nature and the arts. The lessons, free and found here, are designed for children of all ages.


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