Whether you're new to quality coffee or a total java nerd, there are excellent options for at-home brewing.

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For many of us coffee is important, and a really good cup of coffee makes the morning a little bit better and helps get the day off to a good start. Now that most of us are at home, grabbing a cup at the coffee shop near work isn't an option, and quarantine rules do not allow for daily drives to the coffee shop (if it's still open). If you don't already make coffee at home, now is the time to start. If you do make coffee at home, maybe you're ready to up your game and explore new brews, or else you might need a new place to source top-quality beans because the spot you usually buy coffee from is closed.

Whatever your reason for looking into coffee subscription services right now, the good news is that there are so many excellent options to explore. Browse these sites and decide how you're going to expand your coffee palate. Sign up and you'll soon be receiving fresh coffee beans as well as supporting small businesses (those artisan coffee roasters) around the country. That's what we call a win-win.

What to Know About Coffee Subscriptions

There's usually no fee to sign up for a coffee subscription, and most allow you to  cancel at any time, change the frequency of delivery, or swap out the coffee you've been getting for something new. The important thing to note is that you'll want to have a coffee grinder at home, as most services recommend you order whole bean coffee because coffee degrades once ground. The larger subscription services also offer a variety of frequency: Do you need a bag of coffee delivered every week, every two weeks, or every month? Maybe you need two bags of coffee every week! Whatever you need, there's a subscription service that can—quite literally—deliver.

Ready to Explore the World of Coffee?

We found a number of coffee subscription services that help you hone what you want in coffee through a questionnaire or a quiz, which helps you think about what you like (and don't) in coffee . Are you a fan of light roast or dark? Do you prefer citrus flavors or chocolate? Your answers to these types of questions help each company suggest coffee for you to try. There's a lot of flexibility in their offerings, and the subscriptions vary in price depending on types of coffees chosen (for example, blends are generally cheaper than single-origin coffee).

Craft Coffee

If you're looking to move on from grocery store coffee, Craft Coffee can help. They are one of the original coffee subscription services, and they pride themselves on offering their own-brand, small batch coffee blends and single origins coffees delivered when you want it for prices comparable to (or even better) than you'll find in the supermarket. Subscriptions start at $11.99 for one 12-ounce bag.


They work with about 50 artisan roasters around the country, so a Mistobox subscription gives you a chance to taste the coffees smaller roasters are excited about. Mistobox currently offers over 500 different coffees; select the one you want or be guided to the right blend by their quiz and the recommendation of their "coffee curator." Coffees are roasted to order and ship direct from the roaster, ensuring optimal freshness. There are different levels of coffee subscription, depending on how much you'd like to pay, including basic, deluxe, or exclusive. A basic subscription starts at $14.95 a month for one 12-ounce bag (sign up for six or 12 months and the price drops).

Angel's Cup

Ready to nerd out over coffee? Then Angel's Cup is for you. A subscription sends you coffee from top notch roasters for blind tasting (no being swayed by pretty packaging or a roaster you've heard of) and notes to help you expand your coffee vocabulary and think about tasting the coffee you're trying. A subscription starts at $10.99 a month for four 32 gram samples of different coffees.

Blue Bottle

Considered the Apple of coffee, Blue Bottle is known for its precision. Their coffee subscription can be Blue Bottle blends, single origin coffees, or all espresso. Coffee is roasted to order and shipped within 48 hours of roasting. A subscription starts at $9.50 a month for one six-ounce bag. They also offer large bags or multiple bags delivered once a month.


The now widespread concept of direct trade coffee—meaning buying straight from coffee farmers—was pioneered by Intelligentsia. In addition to seasonal single origin coffee, blends, and espresso, Intelligentsia subscriptions include one for tea. They also allow for modifying, skipping, or changing deliveries. Subscriptions start at $14 for one 12-ounce bag of blended coffee delivered once a month.


Choose from single origin coffees or get more specific and receive only single origin coffee from Latin America or Africa with Verve's online coffee service. It starts at $19.75 for one 12-ounce bag of single origin coffee delivered as frequently as you want.

Queen City Collective Coffee

Based in Denver, this Queen City Collective Coffee prioritizes working with women coffee farmers, including an all-female farmer group from Rwanda who inspired the Queen City name, and revenue sharing with the coffee growers they work with. Their monthly subscription focuses on new single origin coffees and starts at $20 per month for one 12-ounce bag.

Port of Mokha

Yemen is considered the birthplace of coffee but until Port of Mokha began working with Yemeni farmers, it was not thought of as a source of top quality coffee. These Yemeni beans have very unique tastes. A monthly delivery of a five-ounce bag of micro-lot coffee is $28. (There's also the option to gift someone a six or 12 month subscription for a discounted rate.)


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