The expert shares go-to techniques that you can add to your everyday routine.
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If you want healthy looking skin for years to come, finding the best ways to pamper yours is so important. What can you do to help your skin age gracefully? Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas has a few good answers. The skincare guru, also known as the "Queen of the naturopathic facial," stands by her mantra that anyone can have beautiful skin—the secret is starting with a consistent routine. "There are two types of women—women who take care of their skin from very early on and people who wait until they see things they don't like," she says. In other words, it's never too early to find products and a routine that work for you.

Step one: Slow down the aging process by regularly wearing sunscreen regardless of the season. Step two: Don't forget to wash your face. Vargas says this is key for your skin to hit the reset button overnight: "Leaving grime, dirt, makeup on the skin, you will cause skin to become inflamed, it will break out more easily. It will be susceptible to wrinkles because it won't be healthy." For a one-two punch to combat the issue come nighttime, the facial expert recommends her Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash ($40, to exfoliate and calm your skin while getting the makeup off and creating cell turnover at the same time.

Need more tips to get that everlasting glow you crave, whatever your age? Read on for Vargas' expert advice.

Keep Exfoliation in Mind

Regardless of the skin you're in, exfoliation should be a go-to part of your beauty routine. "Exfoliation usually acts as a mini-facial and it will bring our glow back immediately," Vargas says. "I encourage my clients to sleep in my Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask ($56.25, It evens out pigment, takes down inflammation, and after a good night's sleep in it, you wake up fresh-faced like you have just had a facial!" She also recommends using a gentle exfoliating scrub about twice a week. This will clean your pores, give your face a natural glow, and allow for your other facial products to better seep into your skin.

Healthy Skin Starts with Your Diet

In most cases, glowing skin starts with how you nourish your body. That means the healthier the ingredients you eat, the healthier your skin will look. "I find that the best skin diet is one that involves eating vegetables of different colors for every meal and a green juice every day. There is really no substitute and it works on everyone!" Vargas says, adding that healthy fats, like avocado, are also essential. "Avocado supplies the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients to hydrate from the inside out and bring back your glow." As for her go-to green juice, Vargas likes to drink one made of romaine, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, kale, apple, and a dash of lemon and ginger, which says helps to hydrate and de-puff skin.

Try Out LED Light Therapy

This form of skin treatment uses red and ultraviolet lighting to lower inflammation, boost collagen, and advance healing by about 300 percent, the beauty expert says. She uses her patented RevitaLight Bed most often on her clients to get rid of pesky acne scars, cellulite, sun damage, and other skin marks in about 20 minutes.

Get Facials Regularly

The skincare maven also suggests getting facials about once a month. She shares that practicing good self-care will help you go the distance with your skincare goals, too. Start by giving yourself a facial massage when you apply beauty products—Vargas says this is a great way to give your skin a natural glow, boost blood circulation, and stimulate collagen in the body.

Don't Stop Educating Yourself on Your Skin

Remaining a student to skincare routines is a rule of thumb Vargas lives by, and she recommends you do the same. "I cover a lot of skincare advice in my new book, Glow From Within ($19.39,," she says. "Every client has their own personal story with their skin, but most people think your skin is about your DNA. Part of what I do is educate my clients and explain that your skin is telling a story about what's happening inside your body or happening in your life."


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