Our founder and the talk show host also shared how they're surviving self-isolation with their family and friends.

By Kelly Vaughan
April 02, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, we all need a bit of humor—and a cocktail or two—to stay happy and sane. Fortunately, Martha delivered both when she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night via Zoom call. Our founder started off by playing an April Fool's joke on the talk show host by showing off a bloody hand injury that she got when preparing the ingredients for two cocktails, as well as a handmade first-aid kit that she used to mend her cut. "Do you embroider your thumb when you stitch it up?" Seth asking jokingly. Martha quipped that she used the blanket stitch, but it was all fun and games, of course.

Martha was a total pro when demonstrating how to make the perfect martini using good quality polish vodka, such as Belvedere, and vermouth. She said to pour both ingredients into a cocktail mixer and shake until the exterior becomes cloudy with a cold film. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist. Martha's last secret? "Twist the lemon peel over the surface so that the citrus oil gets right into the martini," she explained.

Martha showed off another simple drink using spring's brightest vegetable—rhubarb. She added several whole stalks to a bottle of St-Germain elderflower liqueur and let it steep for five days, which infused the floral gold liquid with a bright pink hue. To make the cocktail, just pour the rhubarb-infused St-Germain liqueur over ice and top with seltzer water (which Martha made herself, of course, using a SodaStream).

Martha and Seth also discussed how they're surviving self-isolation. Martha has been staying at home at her farm in Bedford, New York with her gardener Ryan, driver Carlos, and housekeeper Elvira. "We have a nice dinner every night with cocktails and play cards after dinner," Martha said. She's also been FaceTiming with her grandchildren, Jude and Truman, and has been cooking using her Marley Spoon meal delivery kits.


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