Our 20 Most Popular Easter Recipes That Will Make It Onto Your Menu Every Year

Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham
Photo: Chris Simpson

After a long winter of heavy roasts and stews, Easter's lighter, fresher dishes are a welcome change of pace. Even if the temperature is still chilly and the growing season has only just begun, spring dishes offer a glimmer of color and life after a long and cold winter. This collection of our most popular Easter recipes are ones our users return to again and again.

All the Easter holiday classics are here, from ham, lamb, and salmon to scalloped potatoes and asparagus. Of course, there are much-loved desserts, including several cakes that would make a spectacular finale to your Easter feast.

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Deviled Eggs With Relish

deviled eggs with relish
Emily Laurae

Deviled eggs are a classic way to use up dyed and decorated hard-boiled eggs, and they also make an elegant addition to your hors d'oeuvres spread or even a lovely accompaniment to the main course. This favorite recipe adds relish to the mayo-mustard filling for a tangy bite.

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Cheesy Spinach-Potato Egg Casserole

Cheesy Spinach-Potato Egg Casserole
Con Poulos

For Easter brunch, this meal-in-one casserole can't be beat. Perhaps our users love the combination of Yukon gold potatoes, spinach, fontina cheese, and eggs that makes a hearty and delicious dish. Or maybe they rate it because they can prep it the day before and bake it morning of.

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Hummingbird Carrot Cake

Hummingbird Carrot Cake Recipe
Chris Simpson

A nest of candied carrots tops this spectacular cake that's worthy of your Easter table. This delicious hybrid combines the best of carrot and Hummingbird cake. The result is a moist batter made with coconut, pineapple, and carrots and coated with a classic cream cheese frosting.

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Roasted Leg of Lamb

roasted leg of lamb
Romulo Yanes

Tender and delicious meat and a crisp, flavorful crust are the hallmarks of this roasted leg of lamb. Serve it with a red wine gravy to really pull out all the special-occasion stops.

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Asparagus Gruyère Tart

Asparagus Gruyere Tart
Minh + Wass

Especially when made with plump in-season asparagus, this dish is a sophisticated, visually pleasing appetizer. Using frozen puff pastry makes the prep work a breeze.

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Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham

Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham
Chris Simpson

A traditional Easter entrée, baked ham is not only easy to make but also provides some of the best holiday leftovers. This recipe includes a honey, orange zest and juice, ginger, and clove glaze that's both sweet and savory.

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Carrot Cheesecake with Marzipan Carrots

Carrot Cheesecake with Marzipan Carrots
Anna Williams

This rich cheesecake, topped with marzipan carrots, takes warm spices and cream cheese icing (carrot cake's best features) and reinvents them deliciously.

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Scalloped Potatoes

thanksgiving scalloped potatoes

It's tough to beat thinly sliced potatoes baked in a rich cream sauce and topped with grated cheese. The classic au gratin dish is nicely suited to simple main courses, offering an indulgent counterpoint at Easter and at other holidays.

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Easy Steamed Artichokes

Easy Steamed Artichokes

Artichokes are leafy, mild-flavored vegetables that are one of the treasures of spring. Our method for steaming them couldn't be easier, but the result is an impressive, delicious side dish.

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Simple Poached Salmon

poached salmon

A beautifully poached piece of salmon is clean tasting, light, and springy. Celery, carrots, onion, and lemon add subtle flavor, and there's only one rule to making this simple entrée: don't overcook the fish.

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Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

broccoli cheddar quiche
Romulo Yanes

Here's a versatile dish that goes from Easter brunch to Easter dinner in a snap. You can use an array of mix-ins, and serve it warm or at room temperature.

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Creamy Deviled Eggs

creamy deviled eggs
Victoria Pearson

Making deviled eggs is probably the most obvious go-to for all those dyed and decorated hard-boiled eggs. This creamy recipe is a classic and for good reason.

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Lemon Cake

lemon cake
Julia Hartbeck

Here's a sunny dessert for Easter (or anytime). This lemon cake is packed with citrus flavor. There's lemon zest and juice in the batter, the cake is brushed with a simple lemon syrup after baking, and sandwiched together with lemon curd. Top it with Whipped Frosting and candied lemon slices—and enjoy!

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Flaky Buttery Biscuits


Looking for something special for an Easter brunch? These fresh hot biscuits fit the bill. Slathered with butter, topped with a spoonful of jam, and served alongside fluffy scrambled eggs and some sort of bacon or sausage, they're the epitome of indulgence.

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Oven Roasted Asparagus

Oven-Roasted Asparagus and Leeks

Although you'll find asparagus in supermarkets year-round, it's at its peak in spring. It's easy to prepare—blanching asparagus is a tried-and-true technique, and you can also boil asparagus. Another popular method for preparing asparagus is roasting it in the oven. It yields nicely charred stalks.

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Lemon Bundt Cake

Lemon Bundt Cake

It's the perfect addition to any spring dinner party. Adding a cupful of sour cream means this Bundt cake will be moist and creamy.

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Honey-Glazed Carrots

Honey-Glazed Carrots

Humble but hearty carrots get dressed up with a tangy and sweet mixture of red wine vinegar, honey, and other staples. They're great with everything from lamb to ham.

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Bacon-Cheese Quiche

Romulo Yanes

A classic for good reason, we know users love this foolproof bacon and cheese quiche. We don't know if they serve it for bunch or lunch or both.

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Ombré Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake sliced with rose
Mike Krautter

This showstopping dessert fits in perfectly with Easter pastels—and, with its piped frosting, even resembles a spring flower. Five different shades of vanilla cake are layered with strawberry jam and rich Swiss meringue buttercream to make for a stunning and delicious treat.

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Martha's Easter Sugar Cookies

colorful frosted spring themed and easter egg sugar cookies
Marcus Nilsson

Martha's foolproof recipe for sugar cookie dough and royal icing is one you can use to make cookies for any holiday. Eggs, chicks, bunnies, and flowers never looked so tasty.

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