12 of the Most Indestructible Dog Toys

dog playing tug with multicolor rope toy
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Dogs need their rough and tough bouts of play. And you want to give them toys that will be able to handle their chewing, tugging, and pulling.

Regular mental stimulation and physical activity is important for the health of your dog. Dog breeds like Golden retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, boxers, and Basset hounds require more mental and physical stimulation than others; otherwise, they're prone to destructive behavior. In addition to taking your dogs on walks, fetch-and-catch games are perfect for both training your dog and for building trust. You can easily play a game in your backyard or head to a dog park. Independent play is also important for your dog's cognition. Some toys and games allow your dog to solve puzzles in order to get a treat. Others are built to handle dogs that are aggressive chewers. So, choosing toys that can last through several plays and give your dog a healthy outlet for chewing is essential.

Certain materials are some of the very best options, which should stand up well to your dog's enthusiasm. You'll still want to use caution at the outset (no material is truly indestructible), but these ones are usually very durable. Try rubber with soft, malleable edges that are smooth and not sharp. Thick knotted rope is durable and easy to clean (just throw it in the wash)—perfect for tug-of-war games. Kevlar (used in bulletproof vests) or firehose material (used in fire department equipment) can also prove long-lasting. You may want to supervise their play—especially with toys that are smaller—and use some of the toys as an opportunity to bond with your pup.

Shop some of our favorites here and Fido can keep himself entertained for hours.

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Dog Toy Ball

Rocco & Roxie light blue ball dog toy
Courtesy of Rocco & Roxie

A doggy-durable ball made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) easily provides plenty of healthy playtime. It's also free of BPA and other toxic chemicals, so you have ease of mind knowing Fido is fetching from the best.

Shop Now: Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Nearly Indestructible Dog Toy Ball, $17, chewy.com.

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Chew Stick

Ruffwear dog toy stick chew
Courtesy of Ruffwear

No splinters or sharp edges here. Make fetch more challenging with a stick that can bounce erratically when it lands! Plus, it's great for dogs who love to chew because it will also massage their gums.

Shop Now: Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick Toy, in Yellow, $15, ruffwear.com.

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Treat Puzzles

West Paw Design dog toy chew
Courtesy of West Paw Design

Aggressive chewers need toys that can outlast several rounds of chewing, and this interactive toy meets the challenge. Put in some of your dog's favorite treats to motivate him to get inside.

Shop Now: West Paw Tux Treat Toy, starting from $16, westpaw.com.

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Knotted Rope

Mammoth Pet Products multicolor rope toy
Courtesy of Mammoth Pet Products

Floss those pearly whites with a five-knotted rope. It comes in a range of sizes, including extra large for the big dogs who love a game of pull-and-tug.

Shop Now: Mammoth Pet Products Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 5-Knot Rope Tug, $8.47, amazon.com.

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pink kong dog toy
Courtesy of KONG

Do you have an energetic puppy? This soft rubber flyer is perfect for teaching him or her how to play fetch, and it will last through several exuberant games with your pup.

Shop Now: KONG Puppy Flyer, $10, petco.com.

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Small Plush Toy

Outward Hound plush dog toy
Courtesy of Outward Hound

For those pint-sized chewers, you want a toy that won't give out under tugging but is still soft for snuggling. In this "puppy," the squeaker inside will still function even when it's been punctured by sharp canine teeth.

Shop Now: Outward Hound Invincibles Minis Puppy, $5, outwardhound.com.

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Corduroy Plush Toy

HuggleHounds stuffed duck toy
Courtesy of HuggleHounds

Three-layer corduroy is both soft and tough. Built with squeakers and knots for tugging, this little ducky will keep your pup entertained for hours.

Shop Now: HuggleHounds Woodland Knotties Duck, $23, llbean.com.

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Chew Bone

benebone maplestick dog chew
Courtesy of Benebone

Let your pup bite down into this wood-shaped chew that has 100 percent real maplewood flavoring. This sturdy chew stick is also made in the USA.

Shop Now: Benebone Maplestick Dog Chew Toy, starting from $11, chewy.com.

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Chew Ring

goughnuts orange chew ring
Courtesy of Goughnuts

If your dog is a chewer, then this indestructible ring is an ideal match. Choose from several colors, including orange, green and black. There's also an indestructible guarantee.

Shop Now: Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring, in Orange, $21.31, amazon.com.

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Soft Plush Toy

kong stuffed moose dog toy
Courtesy of KONG

Fido can get his squeak on with this durable toy. While it's not meant for chewing, the extra material inside of it helps to make it last longer. It comes in several charming animals, like a moose, rhino, and lamb.

Shop Now: KONG Cozie Marvin Moose Dog Toy, $7.49, petco.com.

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Squeaker Plush Toy

ZippyPaws plush dog toy
Courtesy of ZippyPaws

The strong webbing trim and Z-Stitch technology make this plush toy very durable. It has a "grunter" noisemaker inside that will keep your dog curious and entertained.

Shop Now: ZippyPaws Z-Stitch Grunterz Manny the Mammoth Dog Toy, $6, sierra.com.

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Bouncy Ball

Monster K9 Dog Toys orange ball
Courtesy of Monster K9 Dog Toys

This large-sized ball is ideal for aggressive chewers. It's claim to online fame among dog owners is the special formula of industrial-strength natural rubber. Bonus: You get a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Shop Now: Monster K9 indestructible Dog Ball, $15, monsterk9.com.

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