Straight, wavy, curly, dry, and oily hair all call for different washing cadences.

We hear a lot about wellness, fitness, and skincare routines, but haircare routines often go to the wayside. This shouldn't be the case, though. If you're looking to build a better hair maintenance regimen, begin with the foundational step: shampooing. Is there a strategy to how often you shampoo? Are you doing it every day and unnecessarily stripping your hair of moisture? Or are you more neglectful, relying on dry shampoo sprays to get you through? Haircare expert Joy Williams, an executive master educator at CHI, suggests coming up with a plan for washing that's based on your unique hair type.

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Williams says that straight, fine hair should be washed most frequently, while people with curly, coily hair will find that their hair looks best when left alone for longer. A good-for-you formula is important, too, whatever your hair type; she advises using products free from parabens, sulfates, and gluten, especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Ahead, her guide to establishing a washing cadence based on your specific hair type.

Straight and wavy hair that is normal to dry...

For those with normal-to-dry straight or wavy hair that isn't fine, Williams says shampooing two to three times per week should be enough. She suggests using a product like CHI Infra Shampoo ($31,, which balances moisture levels in the hair and scalp. Since this hair type is typically the one most subjected to heat, color, and chemical treatments, she'll typically follow up with a protective product, she notes, before using a blowdryer.

Straight, fine hair prone to oil...

For those with straight hair that is fine, Williams suggests washing with shampoo every other day, or four times per week if your scalp is oily. "Natural oils in the scalp can easily weigh down straight, fine hair and make it appear limp and lifeless," she says. "If that describes your hair type, I'd recommend using a protein-rich product that builds strength and resilience while boosting the volume and body in each strand of hair."

Curly and coily hair that's dry...

"Curly and coily textures actually need oil and moisture to stay healthy and hydrated, and we don't want to strip the hair of its natural protective barriers," says Williams. Those with curly hair should use shampoo only two or three times a week, she notes—or limit it to just once or twice a week if the hair and scalp are dryer.

The only problem with this limited of a washing schedule? You need to monitor your scalp for buildup. A product like CHI Power Plus Revitalize Vitamin Hair and Scalp Treatment ($15.88, prevents this—and soothes itchy scalps while promoting thicker, fuller-looking hair.


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