How to Keep Your Bathtub Clean 24/7

Because you don't want to think of anything hiding behind your shower curtain—not even grime.

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There are plenty of household tasks that fall at the bottom of your "ways you want to spend your weekend" list, and scrubbing your bathtub is likely one of them. The good news is, keeping your tub clean longer (and with less effort) is as easy as upping its daily maintenance. Follow these expert tips to keep that sparkle long after your weekend scrub.

Start with a deep clean.

It sounds simple, but the best way to keep your tub clean is to start with a clean tub. To get the deepest clean possible, Elena Ledoux, co-founder of Superb Maids based out of Las Vegas, says you need to use a combination of a strong cleaner and some good old fashioned elbow grease. "If the tub is very dirty, a Magic Eraser ($3.99, with a bit of degreaser works well," she says. Since body oil is often the leading cause of the grime, she suggests using plenty of hot water when you clean. "After rinsing the tub, be sure to dry it with a clean, soft microfiber cloth to give it a nice shine," she adds. And don't forget to hit the finishes. Ledoux says you should polish your faucet and other chrome details as well when you are done. She uses Bar Keeper's Friend gel ($4.95, on especially challenging spots.

Tackle tough-to-clean spots.

Your tub may require a little extra tender love and care if it has a lot of textured surfaces. Grout, non-slip bases, and anything with suction cups can all make cleaning more difficult. If you have any of these types of surfaces in your tub, Ledoux says using Magic Erasers and a degreaser (like one found in most dish soaps) will go a long way.

Reconsider your bath products.

Maintaining your tub's cleanliness has a lot to do with monitoring the products you use while you're in there. Ledoux says to avoid oily or colorful substances in your bath water (which means skipping bath bombs), and to make sure you rinse and dry your tub after each use: "It's much easier to clean right after each usage than days later."

Keep your tools close.

Make staying on top of your tub a little bit easier by keeping your supplies close at hand. If you have the space, you can store them under your bathroom sink, in a linen closet, or even in the tub itself. Having a kitchen sponge, dish detergent with degreaser, and a cleaning brush all within easy reach of your tub will make daily wipe downs and touchups a breeze.

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