Our founder shared the step-by-step wash process for her Chow Chows, which includes teeth cleaning.

It's important to keep your dogs freshly cleaned and coiffed all year-round, and Martha has a few tricks up her sleeve that she uses to groom her beloved Chow Chows, Empress Qin and Emperor Han. On her blog, our founder shared essential tips starting with the wash process she regularly uses: "It's important to always use lukewarm water and only mild pet shampoos—we use my own Martha Stewart shampoos and conditioners from my collection on Amazon," she writes.

Empress Qin and Emperor Han
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

To help your dog catch their footing—and to also help you catch excess hair—Martha recommends placing a towel on the bed of the tub and wetting the end of the towel over the drain. Once you start bathing your dog, it should help them relax—hopefully like our founder's pup, Han. "Once he feels the lukewarm water, Han starts to relax," she notes. "Han is two-years-old and such a good boy."

Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

The bathing process is pretty simple, according to Martha. To begin, you can either apply the shampoo right on the dog's fur or mix it with water in a bucket. Next, apply the product starting at the back of the ears, moving to the stomach, then down to the tail—just be careful around the face, ears, and eyes, as she advised. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly with warm water until you can't see any shampoo bubbles on the coat. Then add conditioner, let it set in the fur, and rinse the same as you would for shampoo. Dry the dog off with a large towel and blow dry using the no-heat setting. Martha uses this process for both of her pups, also noting: "Drying completely is crucial. Otherwise, the hair closest to the skin will pack down, retain dirt and moisture and cause skin irritations," she explains. "Never use high heat on a dog's coat. Dogs are much more sensitive to external heat than humans are and have a far more difficult time dissipating heat."

Brushing teeth is the last step of her dog grooming regimen. Using a finger brush, Martha brushes her canines' teeth from front to back and massages their gums. (Just make sure not to use a teeth cleaning paste made for humans since many have Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs, as she advises.)

empress qin
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

And for anyone else who has the same dog breed as Martha, they "must have a lovely thick mane, with small rounded ears, giving it the appearance of a lion when all grown up," she said. She also mentioned, "the Chow should have a large head with a broad, flat skull, a short, deep muzzle, and very expressive eyes—hard to resist this face!"


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