It just might be the ultimate dish for the multicooker.

By Rebecca Morris
March 13, 2020
coq au vin
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

A rich and deeply flavorful dish of chicken that is slowly simmered in a mixture of red wine, aromatics, and vegetables like garlic, mushrooms, onions, and thyme, coq au vin (pronounced kawk aw van) is a classic.

This one-pot chicken dish first started showing up in France in the early 20th century, but it didn't win over American cooks until Julia Child introduced it on her legendary PBS cooking show, encouraging her viewers to put it in their repertoire at home. Now, thanks to modern day appliances like pressure cookers and multicookers like the Instant Pot, you can make a fantastic version of coq au vin in under an hour.

In our recipe, coq au vin is pressure-cooked to perfection and the ingredients have been streamlined to include the essentials that make it so delicious—without all of the fuss. First, bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs are dredged in flour and browned. The flour works to accelerate the skin browning and thicken the red wine mixture into a silky broth after cooking. Then, mushrooms, pearl onions, and minced garlic are added to the pot and sautéed, which builds on the delicious brown bits known as fond that are leftover from searing the chicken.

Cognac and a dry red wine are added next—this helps to release the stuck on bits of fond and forms the base of the sauce. All that is left to do is stir in some potent aromatics like tomato paste, garlic, and fresh thyme, add the browned chicken and vegetables back in, and secure the lid onto the multicooker and set it to pressure cook on high for just 14 minutes.

While your instant pot is working its magic on the coq au vin, you’ll want to prepare a starchy sidekick to go with it—a critical component to soaking up all of that wonderful sauce. You can go easy mode with thick slices good-quality toasted bread, whip up some creamy mashed potatoes, or opt for a classic American accompaniment to stews—buttered egg noodles. Whichever way you play it, this quick and streamlined method for coq au vin will become a family favorite in no time.


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