Martha Reveals Why She's Embraced a Plant-Based Diet

Because our founder understands that eating less meat is better for the environment, she teamed up with Beyond Meat to promote their new breakfast sausage patties.

Martha Stewart has always been a leader in the culinary space and now she's jumping aboard the plant-based diet trend. While Martha has been enjoying plant-based ingredients for years, she says that she has recently started to dramatically reduce her meat consumption. "Only about 6% of Americans are vegetarians, but about 30% of Americans are incorporating more plants into their diet. I've been doing that for years. I have a vegetarian daughter, Alexis, and two grandchildren who don't eat meat but do eat fish. They are very astute about the problems created by farming meat," says Martha.

Martha Stewart x Beyond Meat
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Martha says she wanted to do her duty to help combat the environmental impact of farmed meat, so she teamed up with Beyond Meat to help launch its latest innovation, Beyond Breakfast Sausage, which is made from simple, plant-based ingredients without GMOs, soy or gluten. "Beyond Meat offers a better-for-you plant-based option to animal protein for people who are looking to change or expand their diets. I think it is important to start the conversation around plant-based diets. Reducing our meat consumption as we move toward the future is yet another important step in curing the environmental problems facing the world we live in," said Martha in a statement.

While Martha says that she wouldn't ever become vegan, she did mention that she rarely eats meat and most of what she does consumes comes from her own farm. "I have a garden, so I grow almost everything I eat now, even in the winter. I made a turnip soup this weekend, I make salads every single day, I'm growing cucumbers and tomatoes. I raise my own chickens for eggs," she tells us.

Now, Martha is finding new ways to cook with her vegetables using Beyond Meat's new breakfast sausages, which are available in two flavors—classic and spicy. Try her recipe for Beyond Breakfast Sausage with creamy grits and roasted tomatoes, or a plant-based frittata made with spinach, onions, and classic sausage.

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