The dog-friendly menu was designed by Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

By Kelly Vaughan
March 10, 2020
Dog sticking its tongue out
Credit: kiszon pascal/Getty Images

As much as we want to take our pups on all of life's most fabulous adventures, most dogs can't experience the same luxuries that humans can. Until now, that is. As it turns out, your food-loving four-legged friend can enjoy a Michelin-star dining experience from one of the world's best chefs. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the executive chef at The Mark Restaurant inside The Mark Hotel on Manhattan's Upper East Side, has created a one-of-a-kind gourmet menu for dogs.

Help your pup choose from dishes such as Pup Protein, which includes ground beef with market peas and string beans; A Healthy Bite, which features salmon with a cucumber, apple, and spinach salad; and for pups who are watching their waistline, let them dine on the Svelte Pup, a steamed rice dish with hard-boiled eggs and mixed market vegetables. All of the meals are made with grass-fed meat and organic produce.

Of course, your dog can't go without something sweet to finish. Choose from two outstanding desserts—Martin de Toutois, which is oatmeal with market mixed berries, or The Cheese Gourmand, a cottage cheese platter with pineapple, banana, and organic honey. Perhaps the best part is that your pup doesn't need to leave their cushy dog bed, designed by Molly Mutt, to feast on these first-class options—the in-room dining menu can be delivered at their bark and call.

The Mark Hotel is known for being accommodating towards pets and giving them the same lavish experience that their owners get to enjoy. Each furry friend receives an exclusive "Woof Woof Kit" that includes a leather pouch to store a dog collar, leash, waste bag, and on-the-go water bowls. The hotel is located just one block from Central Park, so your dog can enjoy the sights and sounds of New York City while getting their steps in, too.


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