Avoid wrinkles and save time with these folding tips and tricks.
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If you are looking for a better way to store your clothes, or an easier way to keep them wrinkle-free, folding them might be the answer. While not all articles of clothing should be folded, most—including jeans, sweaters, and socks—do belong in your dresser or on a closet shelf; knowing how to put them there properly will make your life that much easier in the long run. Ahead, three organizational experts share their best folding and clothing storage tips.


Melanie Walker, owner of NEAT Method in Las Vegas, says that you need to know where you're going to store your clothes before you can figure out the best way to fold them. For example, if you are stacking your denim on a shelf, a flat fold will be best. "Fold them in half, tuck in the seat to make one long line, and fold them over twice," she says, noting that you shouldn't stack your jeans more than three pairs high.

But what if your denim is going into a drawer? Dara Friedson, owner of Orderly Method Professional Organizing in Potomac, Maryland, says you will want to file fold them. "It's best to fold the pants in half at the waist, and then in half lengthwise." After that, she says you should fold them into thirds before "filing" them in your drawer.


The trick to folding sweaters is making them as flat as possible, as opposed to as small as possible. "If you fold them too small, they will all topple over," explains Walker. For the best fold, Friedson suggests folding the arms, and then creating a crease that falls outside of the neckline—just never down the center, she says.

Underwear and Socks

Kim Groberg, owner of High Style for a Hundred, says the best way to fold your underwear is to begin with them facing down—then fold the bottom part up and the left and right sides in. "This makes a nice fold that can stand up," she says. Your socks will be easier to sort through if you triple roll—not fold—them. Walker suggests getting a drawer divider or insert so that you can then sort them by size and color once they have been rolled up.


T-shirts should be folded into as uniform a size as possible. Groberg says that you should lay the shirt face down, fold the sides into the middle, fold the bottom up one-third and then fold top down over. "This allows you to see what is on the top of the t-shirt as well," she explains. When that is done, she suggests placing them into your drawer or onto the shelf by color and category.

If you must fold your dress shirts (something none of our experts recommend, unless it is your only option), do say by laying them face down to start. "Fold the sides into the middle and place the sleeve straight down along the edge of the shirt on each side," Groberg says. "Fold the bottom up one third, and then the top over."


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