Prepare for the stormy days ahead in (sustainable) style.

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boots and umbrellas of family
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Upgrade your rainy-day gear to sustainably made versions, and do yourself and the planet a solid. These style and home essentials are well-designed and durable—no crumple-in-the-wind umbrellas or leaky galoshes here—and composed entirely of recycled or fair-trade materials. They'll help conserve natural resources, and equip your crew to weather April's showers in style. How's that for a silver lining?

Fowl-Weather Friends

duck head umbrellas
Credit: Peter Ardito

These classic British, compact umbrellas have super-sturdy canopies and sleeves made of recycled plastic bottles, and their cute faces are carved from sustainable birch.

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Eco-Friendly Wellies

pink rain boots
Credit: Peter Ardito

The lightweight rubber that goes into  is 100 percent fair trade: It comes from the sap of sustainably managed trees in Sri Lanka—another big step in the right (and less clunky) direction.

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Hydration Station

rain water tank for garden

Outdoor recycled-resin containers from the Great American Rain Barrel Company collect up to 60 gallons through their perforated, bug-blocking lids. Screw a garden hose right onto the spigot to water flower beds or spray down muddy cars or dogs.

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Smart Slicker

rain jacket for kids
Credit: Peter Ardito

Nineteen recycled water bottles go into the fabric for one of these raincoats. The sleeves are another savvy feature: They can be neatly cuffed up to four inches, so the coat can fit a child for at least three years. When it finally does wear out, put it right back in the recycling—and close the loop.

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