Your brooms, scrubber brushes, and dust pans could all benefit from this DIY upgrade.

leather-wrapped cleaning supplies
Credit: Kate Sears

Cyclists reach for handlebar tape to cushion their hands and freshen up their ride—and you can take the same approach with your cleaning supplies, from mops and brooms to scrubber brushes and dust pans. It's true: All you need is the leather or cork kind to give your housekeeping tools the same grippy treatment (one that protects your hands, too).

And once you start, you won't be able to stop, since just about any skinny handle is up for grabs—and one roll will cover a couple tools. Best of all? You can scoop up the required materials online. If you're looking for a leather iteration, we're fans for Leh Cycling's Classic Leather Bar Tape ($59, And if you'd rather go with cork? Origin8 Pro Cork Handlebar Tape ($11.90, is your best bet; this option comes in a myriad of colors, but Dark Brown offers the most leather-like results.

After you've acquired your tools, you're ready to begin wrapping. Simply start at the top and wind the tape around, overlapping it slightly and pulling it taut. Trim it at the bottom and secure both ends with hot glue or a small upholstery tack for good measure.

The final result offers more than just extra padding, which you'll most definitely appreciate the next time you take your sweepers on a tour de home. The wrapping makes your tools look that much sleeker—and a project that makes cleaning feel and look better is a winning one in our book.


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