Beauty Expert and Kosas Founder Sheena Yaitanes Wants Life to Be as Natural and Nourishing as Her Makeup Line

portrait of Sheena Yaitanes
Courtesy of Kosas

For Sheena Yaitanes, makeup was destiny. "My mom worked at beauty counters. I didn't know you could have just a cosmetics bag," she recalls with a laugh. "I had a rolling cart with drawers, and I learned every color and name." A child of Persian immigrants, Yaitanes was on track for med school, but the pull of that pushcart was too strong. After college, she got a job doing research in microbiology and genetics, earned an MBA, and, in 2015, launched her clean beauty line, Kosas. (Those premed studies paid off, though: She can translate an ingredient list like nobody's business.)

The brand's first product—long-lasting lipsticks that feel creamy, not tacky—was an instantaneous hit. Dewy blushes, tinted face oils, and liquid eye shadows followed, earning glowing reviews for their light-as-air finishes and natural formulas. Part of her secret sauce: nourishing botanicals, like antioxidant-rich rosehip-seed oil and hydrating shea butter. "They just work better," she says.

Performance is key in her style choices as well. "I am deeply committed to my personal comfort," she jokes of her penchant for body-skimming jeans, T-shirts, and sweats. To look good and feel good? Now that's a gift with purchase. Ahead, a few of the Yaitanes' favorite things that embrace both, from the elevated, but accessible dinnerware she uses regularly to the stylish hat that keeps her protected from the sun. The beauty must-haves on this list—after all, what does a makeup expert keep in said pushcart?—are just as noteworthy, especially the pretty pastel nail polish and the must-haves from her own brand.

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Fortaleza tequila reposado
Peter Ardito

"I use it for margaritas and other cocktails. It's aged a bit, so it has a deep flavor."

Shop Now: Fortaleza Tequila Reposado, $60,

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Elevated Dishware

Pillivuyt Eclectique dishes
Peter Ardito

"Eating is such an event. I want everything, including my dishware, to be as beautiful as possible."

Shop Now: Pillivuyt Eclectique Dishes, $130 for a five-piece place setting,

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Panama Hat

Cuyana Panama hat
Courtesy Of Cuyana

"The first step in sun care is avoidance. This hat helps keep me under cover."

Shop Now: Cuyana Panama Hat, $85,

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Hotel in Paradise

Four Seasons Hotel in Maui
Diane Cook and Len Jenshel/Getty Images

"I love all Four Seasons hotels, but especially this one. There's so much to explore."

Shop Now: Four Seasons Hotel Maui at Wailea, from $649 a night,

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Food of Life

Food of Life, by Najmieh Batmanglij
Peter Ardito

"My mom doesn't cook with recipes, which was so frustrating until I found this book. Now I can make my favorite Persian dishes from childhood."

Shop Now: Food of Life by Najmieh Batmanglij, $42.17,

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Sleep Tincture

Flora + Bast Age Adapting Sleep Tincture
Courtesy Of Flora + Bast

"I keep it on my night table; it promotes good sleep vibes."

Shop Now: Flora + Bast Age Adapting Sleep Tincture, $77,

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Pastel Polish

Olive & June Nail Polish, in BP
Peter Ardito

"I wear this on my toes in the spring. It lasts a long time."

Shop Now: Olive & June Nail Polish in BP, $8,

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Tinted Face Oil

Kosas Tinted Face Oil
Peter Ardito

"This product started with a deep examination of human skin and its undertones."

Shop Now: Kosas Tinted Face Oil, $42,

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Weightless Lip Color

Kosas Weightless Lip Color, in Vegas
Peter Ardito

"I wear this shade every day, and sometimes top it with Wet Lip Oil, in Dip, for some shine."

Shop Now: Kosas Weightless Lip Color in Vegas, $28,

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Skinny Jeans

Levi’s 501 Stretch skinny jeans, in Tango Light
Courtesy Of Levi’s

"They're just the best, and age so well."

Shop Now: Levi's 501 Stretch Skinny Jeans in Tango Light, $98,

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Luxe Sheets

Brooklinen luxe sateen bedding
Peter Ardito

"I want my bedroom to feel as much like a hotel room as possible. These sheets are comfy and cooling to the touch."

Shop Now: Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Bedding, from $149 for a queen set,

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Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet
Courtesy Of Van Cleef & Arpels

"I bought this when my daughter was born. It always reminds me of her."

Shop Now: Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Butterfly Bracelet, $1,220,

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Fanny Bag

Anine Bing Fanny bag
Courtesy Of Anine Bing

"It's like a belt, and it lets me be hands‑free."

Shop Now: Anine Bing Fanny Bag, $499,

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Derwent Watercolour pencils
Peter Ardito

"My time working with a fine artist taught me about the complexities of color. I doodle when I'm organizing my thoughts."

Shop Now: Derwent Watercolour Pencils, from $20 for 12,

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Favorite Roast

Intelligentsia coffee blends
Peter Ardito

"I have a tiny French press that I brew in each morning. I drink one cup with a little hemp milk."

Shop Now: Intelligentsia Coffee Blend, from $14 for 12 oz.,

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