A celebrity makeup artist shares his best tips.

One of the first signs of visible aging? Fine lines around the eyes—or, as they're colloquially known, crow's feet. That said, fine lines and crow's feet aren't a bad thing, as they  generally signify years spent smiling and laughing. Even so, they can become nuisances when you apply brightening makeup around your eyes and notice that the formula has settled into creases, making the wrinkles appear more pronounced than they actually really are. Thankfully, with a bit of prep work, proper makeup application, and the right products, you can minimize fine lines. Here, celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo (who has worked with stars like Karlie Kloss, Priyanka Chopra, and Regina King) shares his best tricks.

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First things first: Look wide awake with redness-reducing drops.

Make your eyes the focal point of your face—not your crow's feet. To do this? "One of my tricks for the eyes is to use Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops ($15.49, cvs.com)," he shares. "They help reduce redness, which has an overall effect on your eyes looking more awake and radiant. They help create the perfect canvas for any makeup look."

Prep with facial tools.

"I'm known amongst my clients for using all different kinds of gadgets and tools to prep the skin," Oquendo says. "Some of my favorites are the Georgia Louise Cryo Facial Freeze Tools ($125, georgialouise.com) and Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite Faceware Pro ($435, sephora.com). These tools help to depuff, increase circulation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines."

Pat on caffeine-infused eye creams.

Formulas with caffeine firm and plump the skin, he explains: "These types of products can be added into your skincare routine prior to concealing, and they help make fine lines appear less visible." Try The Ordinary Caffeine Solution ($6.70, sephora.com), which is a light, concentrated serum that also contains green tea to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Apply a lightweight, flexible concealer.

"I try to stay away from heavy products that tend to cake quickly and look like makeup on the skin," Oquendo notes. "Instead, I use lightweight concealers that flex around the eyes and have medium to full coverage. My favorites are Maybelline Super Stay Under Eye Concealer ($11.99, ulta.com) and Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer ($31, www.nordstrom.com)—they really move with the skin and don't easily settle into fine lines. I find they can be easily manipulated to be sheered down or built up depending upon how much coverage you need."

Blend, blend, blend.

Buff concealer into your skin using small circular upward motions with a fluffy brush, advises Oquendo. "This technique helps to lift and plump the skin while blending in the concealer for a flawless finish. I really take my time with this part of the makeup, and keep blending and buffing until it just melts into the skin." 

Finish with a light-reflecting product.

Powders and creams with light-reflective particles, like Nars Light-Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder ($37, sephora.com), are a sneaky way to diffuse the light; Oquendo explains that they act as filters that blur imperfections. "For the red carpet, I often layer different cream and powder light-reflective products on top of each other to give the skin a natural-looking finish. This is helpful underneath the brow bone and around the corners of the eyes to blur fine lines."


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