There's so much more you can do with these ingredients than boiling or blending.


To some, frozen fruits and vegetables have a reputation for being bland, flavorless, and uninspiring. If that's you, we're here to change your mind. While we love using frozen produce for smoothies, there are so many other ways to make the most of their vibrant color and flavor. Plus, frozen fruits and vegetables allow you to cook with your favorite produce item when it's out of season. That said, there is one frozen vegetable our food editors aren't a fan of: broccoli. It becomes mushy easily and lacks the flavor of fresh broccoli.

coconut raspberry breakfast pudding
Credit: Chris Simpson

From a crowd-friendly breakfast casserole to a low-carb weeknight meal, you'll find inspired ways to utilize frozen berries, tropical fruit, peas, edamame, and spinach in these recipes—no boiling or blending required.

Baked Oatmeal for a Crowd with Berries
Credit: Chris Simpson

How to Cook with Frozen Berries

Craving the flavor of summer in the middle of winter? Make this sweet and hearty breakfast casserole, which calls for an entire cup of frozen mixed berries, anytime of year. Juicy blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries burst as they bake in this heart-healthy recipe; we also like that they add a pop of color to the finished dish.

Wild Blueberry and Apple Pie
Credit: Paola + Murray

Here's a delightful twist on classic apple pie. Incorporating two cups of plump wild Maine blueberries into a traditional filling will be a welcome surprise. This recipe uses tart Granny Smith apples, which contrasts the sweet berries and adds substantial texture to the filling.

tropical fruit cones
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

How to Cook with Frozen Tropical Fruit

Whether you want to make just one flavor or all three options, this refreshing summer recipe utilizes frozen fruit. Purée batches of mangoes, kiwis, and bananas with agave and lime juice, then freeze each until the mixtures are firm. This recipe is an instant, easy approach to making sorbet at home.

Classic Beef Stew recipe
Credit: Con Poulos

How to Cook with Frozen Vegetables

Soups, stews, and pot pies are just a few of our favorite go-to uses for frozen vegetables. This hearty recipe for classic beef stew calls for frozen pearl onions and frozen peas, both of which are easy to find in the grocery store. The onions absorb so many rich and savory flavors while cooking with the beef and broth, and the peas are added right at the end to avoid getting soggy.

Wild Salmon with Edamame
Credit: Kate Mathis

Here's a new way to use frozen shelled edamame. We love these soybeans for their protein, fiber, and antioxidant qualities—their bright green color doesn't hurt either. Here, they are mixed with toasted cauliflower rice for a colorful, flavorful base for wild salmon fillets.

spinach cheddar slab quiche
Credit: Julia Gartland

Start your morning off with the right bite. Frozen chopped spinach and grated cheddar cheese are scattered over the puff pastry crust for this easy quiche; add an egg and cream mixture and bake until set.


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