Make these expert-approved changes to improve your hair's health.

Frizzy hair is a constant battle. Some days it's something you embrace, while other days it feels like your hair reflects your mood—frazzled and on the verge of snapping. While we don't have much say in our hair type, there are some small changes we can make to keep the frizz to a minimum. Here, experts in curly, wavy, and frizzy hair care weigh in on what to do if you're prone to frizz.

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Stop using shampoos with sulfates.

Mia Emilio, a curly hair expert and Devachan senior stylist, says using shampoos with sulfates is one of the worst things people with frizzy hair can do. Many people use regular shampoos thinking they're getting hydration from the oils in the product, but because oils are topical, they create a barrier that actually prevents moisture from getting into the hair follicle, she explains.

Wash your hair less.

Emilio recommends limiting hair cleansing to once or twice a week, depending on the texture of your hair: "Maybe you can add a day of just co-washing into the mix (washing with conditioner only). I would suggest the majority of people [battling frizz] wash anywhere from once to twice a week, tops."

Select styling products that are suited for your hair type.

BioSilk hair styling ambassador Ivan Rodriguez says, "Frizzy hair is naturally dry and dehydrated, so it needs special care." He suggests using professional salon-quality haircare, even at home.

Try not to brush too much.

Rodriguez warns against too much brushing, which he says can affect the cuticle and create more frizz. Emilio recommends using your fingers as a comb to create more definition. By doing so, she says, "you'll have less breakage and separation when styling."

Avoid using very hot water.

"We all love a warm shower or bath, but extremely hot temperatures can actually make frizz even worse," says executive master educator for CHI Haircare Joy Williams. "Instead, rinse hair with cooler temperatures to help seal the cuticle. Using lower temperatures also prevents stripping hair of its natural oils."

Keep your hands out of your hair.

"Playing with our hair is a guilty habit many of us share, and sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it," says Williams. "Twirling hair around our fingers, for example, can rough it up and make your style look even frizzier."

Don't forget heat protectant.

If you're going to use a hot tool, you'll absolutely need a great heat protectant, says Williams: "Many of these products add moisture back into the hair. This is key since frizz is caused by hair craving moisture—this is why hair frizzes even more in the rain, it's taking in the moisture from the air. My top pick is CHI 44 Iron Guard ($16, In addition to helping seal the cuticle, it also works to prevent breakage. But, the formula is weightless with no added build up."


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