Here's how to fix your manicure without heading back to the nail salon.

By Alyssa Brown
March 04, 2020
Getty / iprogressman

Breaking a nail on any regular day of the week may not be a big deal, but when you're headed to a special event or meeting and want to make a good impression, it's a nuisance—and one you want a quick-fix for. Enter Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the founder and CEO of the nail line Olive & June, who says, "If you break a nail before an event, and you can't get to a salon beforehand, don't fret!" Here, she offers her top five solutions for better-looking, chip-free nails in no time.

Use a Nail File

Tuttle suggests using a nail file to fix any damage. Moving in a single direction, file the nail back to the original shape. Make sure it matches the shape of the other nails—just a touch shorter.

Use Nail Clippers

For larger breaks and damage to the nail, Tuttle recommends using a nail clipper to set the shape right again. Follow that with your nail file technique to achieve the perfect shape.

Fix Chipped Nail Polish

If your nail polish chipped during the breakage, Tuttle suggests using a gentle dab of polish remover on the chip to smooth out the area. Once that's dried, reapply your polish and top coat.

Cover What You Can't Fix

Pressed for time or don't have the right polish color to touch up your manicure mishap? Tuttle recommends using nail stickers as a quick way to hide breakage. "Nail stickers are the best camouflage! I use them to hide a chip at the tail end of my manis."

Prioritize Prevention

For those who have nails that break easily, Tuttle recommends using cuticle serum to promote stronger nails, since unhealthy cuticles can make them brittle. "Apply cuticle serum every day to hydrate the skin around your nails and cuticles to encourage healthy nail growth," she says. "When we developed our Olive & June Cuticle Serum ($30 for two,, we worked with a chemist on a proprietary blend that was modeled after an under-eye serum, because they're both areas of thin skin that need layer upon layer of hydration. Once your cuticles are fully hydrated, a daily dose maintains that hydration, and gives you the look of freshly manicured nails."


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