Our founder put her unique skills on display during a dinner in Miami.


It looks like Martha Stewart is having the time of her life in Miami, Florida. Shortly after visiting the coastal city for Super Bowl LIV, our founder returned to Miami once again, this time for the 2020 Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival. But the trip isn't all about work. Martha made sure her schedule had room for fun and games, too—and she used a night out to put her unique dinner party tricks on full display.

She gave us a peek into her after-hours amusement on her personal Instagram account. In a photo, Martha appears to be showing off an impressive stack of wine glasses in the middle of her dinner table at Buccan Palm Beach. "Table games -Dinner served -Conversation lively -Martha gets adventuresome One of my favorite balancing acts stacking wine glasses! @buccanpalmbeach @sobewffest," she wrote in a caption.

Martha's party tricks were likely on display at the event she hosted last night. In collaboration with Chef Clay Conley and Chef Katie Button, our founder hosted a sold-out dinner at Conley's James Beard Award-nominated Buccan restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. The menu included Japanese Hamachi tartare, confit artichoke heart with salted yogurt mousse and sunchoke chip, and housemade sobrasada with a sunny side up quail egg.

If you're wowed by Martha's impressive stacking talent, you're not alone. One Instagram user wrote, "Martha is my spirit animal! ?," while another commented, "Martha Stewart is goals." Some followers expressed concern for what would happen if the glasses fell down, but knowing Martha, we're sure she'd have a quick fix for any mishaps. Her best advice if you want to test your own stacking skillset? "Don't try it if you have had too much to drink! [Or] if you are wearing a very expensive outfit!"


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