Expect warm brights and soothing neutrals ahead.

By Jenn Sinrich
February 13, 2020

Whether you're designing a brand-new bathroom or looking to renovate your existing space, one of the very first decisions on your to-do list will be choosing a paint color—ideally, one that won't fall out of favor in a handful of years. While last year's most popular bathroom shades included gentle blues and soft pinks, bolder shades and dusty hues will lead the way in 2020. Even so, some inkling of the past remains. "With every new trend, we always hold on to some perennial favorites, such as the classic all-white bathroom,"says Patrick O'Donnell, Farrow & Ball brand ambassador, on 2020's more expected bathroom colorways. "Soft blue and aqua tones always resonate with bathrooms, too, due to their 'watery' palette association."

Read on to discover more of the colors you'll see splashed across many a bathroom this year.

Lauren Pressey

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India Yellow

Yellow has taken somewhat of a backseat over the last 20 years, says O'Donnell, but he's thrilled to see it pop up again. "Although yellow has connotations of being an 'energy' color, if you move away from the softer, bluer tones and embrace the rich ochres you get warmth, too," he says. Interested in this shade? He suggests keeping your décor simple and opting for accessories with natural products, such as wooden bath brushes and bamboo floor mats.

Dark Jewel Tones

If you're aiming for an urban look, consider a more opulent shade, like a jewel-toned purple or emerald. "Mixed with marble and brass fittings, [these colors create] luxurious decadence and ooze with drama—they're probably not for the faint-hearted!" says O'Donnell. Oversized plants and metallic finishes complete this scene.

Classic White

You simply can't go wrong with this all-American staple. The purest, chalk white will forever be a bathroom favorite, notes O'Donnell. "Although overtly clean in feel, a pure white bathroom is a very relaxing space," he says. Incorporating all-white linen into the space creates a seamless look, as does keeping surfaces free of clutter (except maybe for the odd houseplant and well-chosen bath oil). Looking for modern flourish? Use a non-white grout—we like soft gray—between the tiles.

Calke Green

"Calke Green has a deep beauty to it: It's strong, but not overwhelmingly dark, and looks fantastic paired with crisp white woodwork," says O'Donnell, adding that the color creates "a timeless space that won't age." "This is very much the zeitgeist for this decade—we want longevity. Trends will become less important as we retain things, upcycle, and consider the impact on the environment with all that we do." To enhance the color, he recommends working in a classic floral chintz curtain or London blind in the same pattern for a beautiful "country house" look.

Soft Mint

The bathroom is a place for clarity, and, in 2020, colors that are simple and clean are key, says Sue Kim, the Color Marketing Manager for Valspar Paint. "Valspar's Mint Whisper, one of our 2020 Colors of the Year, is a soft shade with a hint of vibrancy that has a sharp contrast to existing white fixtures," she says of the "timeless and elegant" shade. "This kind of calming hue brings a youthful feel that remains tranquil."



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