Get an exclusive first look at Martha Stewart's new California Closet collaboration. Plus, get our founder's best organizing advice.

A streamlined closet begins with a predetermined system conducive to order—something that Martha Stewart says is the key to an organized storage space. "You need to go into it with a plan in place and have designated areas for your various types of clothes—shoes, blouses, sweaters, pants. These should all be separate and have their own space, even if it is not terribly large," our founder explains. Enter her partnership with California Closets—the company responsible for her guest-room-turned-walk-in that's transformed the way that she gets dressed every morning. "I love that I can see everything and easily decide what I want to wear each day," she says of the setup.

martha stewart california closets the everyday system
Credit: Douglas Friedman

That epic renovation led to a design collaboration between Martha and California Closets—the fruit of which, dubbed The Everyday System, you can now integrate into your own home. Best of all, the modular designs are customizable and relocatable, which means their function extends far beyond your clothes closet (they come in handy in your mudroom, pantry, or home office, too). They're also sleek enough to install in the heart of a space, not simply behind a closed door. Ahead, everything you need to know about this must-have system from Jill LaRue Rieser, California Closets SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer—plus, Martha's advice on how to utilize its many features to the fullest.

Closets aren't one-size-fits-all—which is why a customized organization system is best.

"We believe that our unique product designed in collaboration with Martha gives customers the confidence and ease to customize their closet needs for spaces large or small," explains LaRue Rieser, noting that Martha's creation stands out from the rest of the company's past offerings. "The Everyday System's distinctive, modern metal and eco-friendly wood design is decidedly different that anything California Closets has previously offered, and the proprietary Hidden Track System provides simple adjustability without visible holes—which we love!"

Visibility and easy accessibility were the driving forces behind this system's design.

Themes of visibility and easy accessibility were woven into the whole collection, notes Martha, simply because the overarching goal behind the project was to "make people's lives easier." "They should be very visually appealing and easy to navigate," she says of these organizational tools, wherever they may exist in your home.

martha stewart california closets the everyday system desk
Credit: Douglas Friedman

Aesthetics were also paramount.

Thanks to Martha's dedication to creating an aesthetically pleasing product, The EveryDay System is attractive enough to install out in the open. "From the finish colors to the elevated design details that provide style and increased function, Martha played an integral role in ensuring that our modular product would be as beautiful as it was functional," says LaRue Rieser. As for alternative ways to use the modular units? "We offer a desk top component with a power outlet that's convenient for the home office and our media shelf component stores up to a 48-inch television for a great living room solution," she adds. This is possible thanks to that Hidden Track System, which makes the system look more like a piece of finished furniture than other adjustable units on the market.

The Everyday System changes with you over time.

Unlike the majority of California Closets' other products, Martha's organization system isn't permanent—which means it can be moved, adjusted, and reinstalled over time (especially if you need to, say, turn a home office into a nursery). This is also why the unit is a perfect solution for renters: "Whether you've owned a home for years, you're a first-time homeowner, or you're renting, this modular system can adapt and grow to meet your needs," notes LaRue Rieser.

Martha's advice for reconfiguring the product throughout your home as those needs change? "Think about what you'll keep there, and how to make it as accessible as possible," adds our founder. "I like to use organizational bins when I'm able—specifically for items I'm not necessarily using every day. Items stay secure and still have a designated spot."

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Martha Stewart Member
February 12, 2020
I love this idea! Perfect solution for a pop up closet anywhere in your home.