From vacuuming to spot-treating stains, there are several simple things you can do to keep your rug looking great.

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The same volume that makes high-pile carpets so plush is what also makes them a serious dust trap—one that can bury all types of unwanted things (dust bunnies, included) in its fibers. Of course, you want to keep your fluffy rug as clean as possible, but actually doing so is another story. These carpet types may be cozy, but they're also heavy and—due to their depth—seemingly endless. The very act of flipping yours over to clean it might be enough to make you say, "Not today."

But this doesn't have to be the case. To keep your fluffy rug pristine, vacuum it weekly using only suction (the "floor" option). Looking for a little extra oomph? For a deeper clean, flip it over and vacuum the underside with the beater bars engaged (the "carpet" setting) to release set-in dirt from the roots, says Arash Yaraghi, the owner of the home-furnishings company Safavieh. Then run the machine over the floor to grab any debris before replacing the rug.

Not every high-pile rug is composed of the exact same fibers, so how you'll clean yours should depend on what it's made from. If you have a natural sheepskin, add this step to your cleaning routine: Brush it regularly with a wire brush or carpet rake to maintain softness and prevent matting over time.

To spot-treat a stain on sheepskin, Yaraghi suggests dampening the area with a clean, wet cloth, and sprinkling it liberally with cornstarch. The fine powder helps absorb and lift oil, grease, and dirt. Once it dries, vacuum up the remaining starch.


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