Umbrella Stands That Pull Double Duty as Storage and Dècor

Joe Schmelzer

When it comes to decorating an entryway, those utilitarian accessories that may seem unnecessary—like a coat rack or an umbrella stand—are usually the last thing one considers. But these overlooked pieces aren't just extremely helpful in keeping your front hall organized (how often does your coat or umbrella actually end up in the closet?)—they can actually refine your space, too. And when it comes to umbrella stands, in particular, there are plenty of elevated options on the market that can help transform your front of house into a streamlined, chic area.

In case you need more of a reason to consider this handy catch-all, just think about the last time you came home with a sopping wet umbrella. What did you do with it? Leave it outside? Drop it on the floor? While not ideal, it's not necessarily cause for concern—but the problem becomes magnified when you entertain on rainy nights (guests come over, and they will have to pile their wet umbrellas into your entryway). Plus, these stands serve the simple, but important task of corralling all of the many umbrellas you already have, which means you'll be out the door faster when bad weather hits. You won't do a last-minute scramble—or worse, need to pick up a new, subpar one at your local drug store.

So, you know you need an umbrella stand, but you definitely don't want to splurge on a clunky, ugly piece that obstructs the flow of traffic or clashes with the rest of your entryway décor. That's where the following options come in: We've rounded up 10 of our favorite umbrella stands in every style, from traditional to modern and everything in between, that are guaranteed to fit right into your aesthetic, whatever it may be.

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Lldaily Umbrella Stands
Courtesy of Amazon

This compact, modular design is perfect for small spaces and can hold up to four small umbrellas. Offered in two colorways (light blue or white), this stand also has a water tray at the bottom that can be easily removed for easy cleanup.

Shop Now: Lldaily Umbrella Stand, $17.99,

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Blue and White

World Menagerie "Akshaye" Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of Wayfair

For lovers of all things chinoiserie or Dutch delft, this porcelain catch-all will fit right into your home. Plus, it masks as an antique: Thanks to its pattern, your guests won't know it's not vintage.

Shop Now: World Menagerie "Akshaye" Umbrella Stand, $84.99,

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Yamazaki Home "Geometric" Umbrella Stands
Courtesy of Food52

This cleverly-constructed stand has a minimalistic look, which makes it an ideal choice for those who lean modern and don't want anything fussy in their entryway. Combining form and function, the geometric slats perfectly align to create a three-by-three grid that holds up to nine umbrellas.

Shop Now: Yamazaki Home "Geometric" Umbrella Stand, $40,

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Anthropologie "Esmond" Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of Anthropologie

A matte black base, punctuated with bright gold hardware, adds to the sophistication of this stand.

Shop Now: Anthropologie "Esmond" Umbrella Stand, $248,

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Telford Umbrella Stand with Water Catch
Courtesy of All Modern

This basket-woven rattan stand comes in two finishes (we love the white-washed version) and has a handy water catch for cleaning up drips. It's the ultimate entryway accessory for a coastal home.

Shop Now: Telford Umbrella Stand with Water Catch, $105.99,

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Danish Design

AYTM "Curva" Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

If you're looking for a statement-making piece for your entryway, this chic gold stand is for you. You'll love walking into your home every day and seeing this beautifully crafted detail; it's just as much of an art piece as it is a utilitarian necessity.

Shop Now: AYTM "Curva" Umbrella Stand, $137,

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Jayson Home Leather Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of Jayson Home

More of an investment, this leather stand is worth every cent. Not only will it last forever, but its classic and handsome design will never go out of style—and only looks better over time.

Shop Now: Jayson Home Leather Umbrella Stand, $495,

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CB2 "Drizzle" Black Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of CB2

This clean and minimal wire stand is best for a more modern home. Thanks to its subtle design and neutral colorway, it will blend right in with the rest of your entryway décor.

Shop Now: CB2 "Drizzle" Black Umbrella Stand, $99.95,

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Yamazaki Home "Plain" Umbrella Stand
Courtesy of Burke Décor

While "plain" may be in this stand's name, this light wood and white metal piece is a beautiful, simple study in quality Japanese design. Plus, it easily holds all of your taller umbrellas, while the four wooden posts serve as perfect perches for smaller options.

Shop Now: Yamazaki Home "Plain" Umbrella Stand, $86.52,

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Korbo Brass Umbrella Bin
Courtesy of Royal Design

This chic gold stand has a handy handle at the top, so you can move it between your porch and entryway with ease. Or, hang it on a hook to free up some floor space.

Shop Now: Korbo Brass Umbrella Bin, $200,

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