High-Tech Shower Upgrades You Didn't Know Your Bathroom Needed

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Lindsay Salazar

Constant technological advancements mean that all parts of our homes are getting smarter every day, and the bathroom is no exception. With incredible innovations such as voice-activated control systems, you can start your shower without lifting a finger (Alexa can do it for you). As for the other high-tech shower innovations currently on the market today? There are also apps which allow you set your preferred water temperature—and the intensity of the pressure, for that matter—so you can experience the perfect shower single every time, no adjustments necessary. And there's no reason to worry about your family members messing up your preferred settings: They can create their own.

Temperature and pressure aren't the only components you can control with your smart phone. The Kohler Konnect platform, for example, allows you to program lights, sounds, and other elements in your bath. Other epic advancements, such as shower heads that are equipped with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, can also change the way we begin and end each day.

Today, there are so many ways to create your own spa experience right at home—without the spa package price tag (many clever designs bring more style and function to the shower for less). And there's no need to remodel to get the luxurious options you crave: Multi-functional shower heads and well-equipped hand showers deliver a superior experience, and they only take minutes to install. Since most models are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles, there are seemingly limitless options to create the chic, luxurious, and high-tech shower experience you've always wanted. Add one of the following products to your own bathroom, and you'll never look back.

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Magnetic Docking Hand Shower

Moen Magnetix Engage Showerhead
Courtesy of Moen

No more fighting with the hand shower while your hair is full of suds and your eyes are closed tight: The magnetic docking station on this system makes it easy to release and return the manual part. You can also create a luxurious multi-head experience by using both parts simultaneously.

Shop Now: Moen Magnetix Engage Showerhead, $150, bedbathandbeyond.com.

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Quiet Shower

Hansgrohe Raindance S Showerhead 240 1-Jet PowderRain
Courtesy of Hansgrohe

Indulge in this new water distribution technology, which feels incredible on the skin. A fine spray envelopes you in a cocoon of mist; the flow of water is so sophisticated it barely makes a splash when it hits the floor (the sound reduction is an added benefit for bathrooms with an open shower design).

Shop Now: Hansgrohe Raindance S Showerhead 240 1-Jet PowderRain, from $377, houzz.com.

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Hair Rinsing Wand

Waterpik Hair Wand
Courtesy of Waterpik

Specifically designed to rinse all product from your hair sans damage, this wand is a luxurious addition to your shower. In addition to cleaning your hair, it's also great for massaging the scalp and relaxing muscles in the neck and shoulders—there are multiple settings that will help you do so.

Shop Now: Waterpik Hair Wand, $69.99, bedbathandbeyond.com.

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Rain Showerhead

Delta HydroRain H2OKinetic Two-in-One Shower
Courtesy of Delta

There's no need for special plumbing with this two-in-one shower head that installs in minutes. Enjoy the drenching warmth of the raincan above or the intensity of the traditional shower head. Better yet, use them both simultaneously for extra comfort and luxury.

Shop Now: Delta HydroRain H2OKinetic Two-in-One Shower, $303.21, wayfair.com.

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Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
Courtesy of Kohler

Singing in the shower has never looked so good. Pair this wireless shower head speaker, which boasts up to seven hours of playing time (that will get you through most of your new favorite true crime podcast!), with your Bluetooth-enabled device for a crisp, clear sound.

Shop Now: Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, from $117.30, homedepot.com.

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Thermostatic Shower Control

Grohe Euphoria SmartContro Shower System
Courtesy of Grohe

This system's thermostatic technology ensures that water is delivered at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second—and remains constant for the duration of your shower.

Shop Now: Grohe Euphoria SmartContro Shower System, from $729.99, wayfair.com.

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Pendant Light and Shower Combination

Delta H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan Shower Head with LED Light
Courtesy of Delta

Create a spa-like ambience in your home's shower with this unique option, complete with LED lighting. The lights automatically turn on when water begins running and turn off when the stream stops.

Shop Now: Delta H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan Shower Head with LED Light, from $772, houzz.com.

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Alfi Brand Rain2012 20-inch Rectangular Rain Showerhead
Courtesy of Alfi

If you love sleek, modern design, you'll enjoy a rain-style shower head that looks impossibly thin. Made of solid stainless steel, this chic option is a must-have in your contemporary bathroom.

Shop Now: Alfi Brand Rectangular Rain Shower Head, $156.99, houzz.com.

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Smart Bath Technology

Kohler DTV+ Showering System
Courtesy of Kohler

This showering system, complete with Kohler Konnect, enables you to create and automate one personalized showering experience after the next. You can manage presets for sound, water, steam, and lighting—and use your voice to access and control those presets or the wall-mounted interface.

Shop Now: Kohler DTV+™ Showering System, from $3,000, us.kohler.com.

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Voice Activated Shower

Moen U by Moen
Courtesy of Moen

Manage your own settings (you can toggle the exact water temperature for a perfect shower every time) within the U by Moen app and then turn on your shower with voice activated commands. The best part? The system works with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

Shop Now: Moen U by Moen, from $1,275, moen.com.

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