A recent study analyzed the most-searched for big-game foods across the United States, and the winner was not the perennial favorite dish many people enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday.

It is safe to say that Super Bowl Sunday draws in football fans and food-enthusiasts alike. With so many food favorites to choose from for your viewing party, you may be wondering which classic snack is most popular with football fans across the country? According to the Huffington Post, mini hot dogs, otherwise known as cocktail wiener was one of the most-Googled dishes for viewers from over 11 states—Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Researchers from Bid-on-Equipment conducted this game-day analysis; they also set out to determine which Super Bowl snacks are most popular in every state and in the country's 20 largest cities.

Credit: Nicole Franzen

The researchers used Google AdWords to study the search trends for over 130 foods and snacks that are commonly made for Super Bowl Sunday and conducted the analysis from January to February of 2019. To further gauge the viewers' favorites, the leaders of the analysis surveyed more than 1,200 Americans from December 20 to 21 of 2019.

The runner-up as one of the most popular foods to enjoy while watching the game was dip. Searchers in over 10 cities across the country were on the hunt online for this game-day snack essential. The overall favorite? Seven-layer dip, which was a top snack in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. Its high ranking should come as no surprise; this tasty appetizers really does offer something for everyone. Buffalo chicken dip was another highly-touted choice, with six states, mainly in the Southwest, picking it as the favorite.

Enjoying game-day snacks comes with a price tag, though, and the study also looked into how much money most people spend on a Super Bowl celebration. "On average, Americans spend about $69 on food, drinks, decorations or team merchandise for the game. However, when it comes to hosting a Super Bowl party the price tag more than doubles to $174," the analysis stated.

To see the full list of beloved Super Bowl snacks across the country, click here.


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