These age-old pieces are experiencing a revival.

By Megan Boettcher
February 11, 2020
max gill floral arrangement on pedestal

Timeless and elegant, pedestals are experiencing a revival in home design. Today, these traditional accents are being used to highlight all kinds of decorative objects, but designers and homeowners are also putting a fun spin on the classic element. "An interesting aspect of pedestals is that you can pair both new and old," says Kimberly Handler, interior designer and owner of Kimberly Handler Designs. "Pairing a Lucite pedestal with an item with some antiquity is intriguing. Conversely, using an older pedestal and pairing it with a super modern sculpture is [just as] interesting."

Another advantage to these elements? There are a myriad of materials to choose from. Sleek aluminum columns will turn a cozy nook into a modern art gallery. Wooden pedestals, on the other hand, come in a wide variety of styles. There are highly-polished options that feel chic and sleek—but you can also find pieces made from salvaged wood. They are full of character and their imperfections are better suited to a rustic or coastal vibe.

While pedestals have a long history of elevating art in formal settings, there's a good reason why designers are using them more in the home. "Pedestals bring design elements to a new level," Handler explains. "Instead of setting something on the floor or hanging it on a wall, a pedestal brings art into the center of the room where it can be seen and pondered." Handler recommends using these pieces in your dining room, since they position objects of interest at the eye level of someone who is seated. These dynamic arrangements can ultimately drive conversation during a meal.

Designers are also using pedestal-inspired motifs in more playful settings: The tiniest options can actually add dynamic height to shelf displays. "Vintage cake stands create visual interest," says Rebecca Zoet, designer and owner of This New Old House. "They also add charm that imbues a chic farmhouse aesthetic." Keep an eye out for designers using these decorations in big and little ways—it's a design feature that Martha has employed for years, and it's fun to see new interpretations trending again.


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