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queso made in the slow cooker
Credit: Con Poulos

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From dips to wings and beyond, Super Bowl fare is taken very seriously by our food editors. Here's what they're serving friends when they gather for the big game this year.

Coming in Hot

Queso is an undisputed MVP when it lands on the table, but it often loses steam (and silkiness) by halftime. Assistant food editor Riley Wofford makes hers in a slow cooker, then keeps it plugged in to maintain melty bliss through the final drive.

Crunch Time

Chips that break mid-dip are a party foul rivaled only by double-dunking. (Someone flag down the ref!) A solid choice: El Milagro tortilla chips ($4 for 16 oz., Our testers say they're thick enough to handle molten queso and have the corniest corn flavor in the field.

Give It a Shake

"For me, Super Bowl Sunday is more about the food than what's on TV," says food and entertaining director Sarah Carey. She fries a batch of the Test Kitchen's Favorite Buffalo Wings and slices carrots and celery, then leaves the party dip to Lipton onion-soup mix. Step one: Stir the savory powder into sour cream. Step two: Tug open a bag of Ruffles potato chips. "We've tried homemade versions that involve caramelizing onions," she says. "But this is as good as it gets."

Quickie Cocktail

For an alternative to beer that guests can crack open just as easily, deputy food editor Greg Lofts chills canned cocktails like Slalom Fox Whiskey Mule ($20 for four 12-oz. cans, The ginger-lime sip tastes artisanal, and he doesn't have to play Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Food styling by Greg Lofts. Prop styling  by Suzie Myers.


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