19 Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping and Packaging Ideas That Will Make Any Present Sweeter

portrait of Martha Stewart with Valentine's Day diy gifts
Photo: Noe Dewitt

Now that you've found, made, or baked the ultimate Valentine's Day gift, it's time to wrap it. But before you place that perfect present in a simple box covered in red or pink paper, consider putting as much thought into its packaging.

There are so many creative ways that you can incorporate classic Valentine's Day motifs—from roses and hearts to chocolate—into your gift wrapping and packaging. Take this elevated chocolate box, for example: Martha made massive paper bows in classic holiday colorways to make each assortment more special. The following ideas and how-tos do the same—and they're perfect finishing touches to those gifts for teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors, too.

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Envelope Valentine Box

envelope valentine box with red heart

Nothing says "I'm sweet on you" quite like a box of chocolates. When you want to say it with an extra measure of heart and style, consider the package (as well as what's inside), like this envelope valentine box. It's the perfect size for treats or other small gifts.

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Tapeless Gift Wrap

how to wrap a gift without tape

Whip this tapeless gift wrapping technique out come Valentine's Day. This method calls for paper-folding techniques similar to that of origami, but you can use gift-wrapping paper or fabric. Plus, you can achieve smooth lines and sharp creases just like you would if you had tape in your craft arsenal. For those February 14 gifts, just stick to fabrics or papers in upbeat colorways, like magenta and crimson.

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Folding Envelope Hearts

folding heart envelopes

Try dressing up greeting cards with hearts for a Valentine's Day-appropriate packaging idea. Wrapped in pretty paper, these folded envelopes (sealed with a heart sticker) are sure to send a romantic message to your valentine.

1. Cut a fat heart from paper that has a white side and a patterned side—wrapping paper works well.
2. Lay the heart with the patterned side down. Fold in sides as shown.
3. Fold the top down just above the middle.
4. Turn envelope so flap is at the top, and seal with a sticker.

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Wine Bottle Gift Wrap

fabric wrapped wine bottle
Kate Mathis

If you've ever gifted a bottle of wine, you've probably used a bag to package it. Instead of going this route, opt for this creative gift-wrapping accompaniment: fabric in two complementary colors. From there, all you need are fabric scissors and hot-glue or glue sticks to piece this DIY together.

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Fabric Wrapping

fabric giftwrap
Addie Juell

Who says the best gift wrapping ideas have anything to do with paper? These sweet boxes were tied off with a mix of vintage and deadstock fabrics, but you could use functional pieces, like tea towels, to add another present-worthy component.

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Kraft Heart Box

handmade heart shaped boxes with bows
Trevor Tondro

Delight your valentine on February 14 by surprising him or her with a handmade box filled with their favorite sweet treats, which is what Martha does. Customize the contents of each one—she did this for Truman and Jude, her grandchildren, her daughter, Alexis, and her dear friend Kevin Sharkey—and top it off with a big bold ribbon.

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Cupid's Care Packages

Valentine's Day Cupid care packages
Lennart Weibull

A truffle sampler is sweet, but gone in a few bites. Spoil a friend (or sister, or sitter) with equally tempting ideas that will last longer: hand-made note cards and an elegant felt-tip pen, fragrant tea and organic honey, or fancy French soap. To pretty up plain cardboard boxes, gather cupcake liners in a few different sizes, fold them into halves and quarters, and arrange them on the lids however your heart desires, securing them with double-sided tape. Fill the boxes with crinkle shreds and nestle gifts inside.

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Heart Candy Boxes


You can make these boxes in many sizes so they'll nest. Start by printing the heart templates. The largest heart is for the lids; the two smaller hearts are for positioning the edges.

1. Trace the largest heart onto mat board twice, and cut out with a craft knife.
2. With a marker, color along the cut edges of the mat board.
3. Spray one side of the mat board heart with spray adhesive, and attach to colored paper.
4. Cut along the edge with a craft knife. Repeat on the reverse side, and then with a second heart.
5. Position the medium-size template on one paper-covered heart, leaving about 1/8 inch all around, and trace with a pencil to create the guideline for gluing the edge.
6. Position the smallest template on the other paper-covered heart, leaving about 3/8 inch all around, and trace with a pencil to create the guideline for gluing the edge.
7. Cut box edges according to lengths on template: Make four 1-inch-wide strips of watercolor paper and eight 7/8-inch-wide strips of colored paper.
8. With marker, color the exposed edge and about 1/4 inch down the sides of the mat board.
9. Working with a few inches at a time, squeeze glue along the guideline, and bend side strip to attach. Repeat with all side strips, and let dry.
10. Using spray adhesive, attach colored paper to both sides of each strip, exposing some of the marker-colored edge.
11. Fill with candy, and close.

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Bejeweled Box


Dressed in apricot moiré fabric and trimmed with satiny cord, a luxurious pink bow, and an array of faux gemstones, this box is no mere vessel. It's a treasure on its own. With a note, a photo, or some sweets tucked inside, it would make the perfect keepsake for Mom or anyone who appreciates a touch of luxury.

Here's how to make the box:

1. Using a ruler and craft knife, cut four strips of mat board: two 1 1/8-inch strips (for base) and two 1-inch strips (for lid), all the width of board (32 inches).
2. Print templates for the box base and lid; cut out. Trace two of each template onto mat board; cut out.
3. You have two bases and two lids; set one base and one lid aside. Place the remaining base on a flat surface. Working in sections and starting at the heart's inner point, affix one end of one strip to base with hot glue. Hold until the section dries, about 20 seconds.
4. Continue gluing until you reach the bottom point. Rest base on its side; trim excess strip carefully so strip ends match up neatly. Repeat to attach a strip to the other side. Repeat to add strips to one lid piece.

Here's how to cover the sides of base and lid:

1. Cut a long strip of moiré fabric that is 1/8 inch wider than the base's side and long enough to wrap around side of box.
2. Working in sections and using découpage glue and a brush, align the edge of fabric with the side's top edge; pat in place, and trim any overhang.
3. Repeat to cover the side of lid in fabric.

Here's how to add the decorative base and lid:

1. Cut two large squares of moiré fabric, a few inches larger than heart.
2. Brush the top of second base piece with découpage glue, and press it onto the center of 1 fabric square.
3. Trim fabric to about 1 1/2 inches around the heart. Make a series of snips in the excess fabric; glue the flaps to back of base, overlapping as needed. Repeat with remaining lid piece and fabric square.
4. Using découpage glue, attach cording tape to the back of both pieces, so the cord runs along edge; let dry. Hot-glue the covered base and lid to the bottom and top of box, respectively.

Here's how to embellish the box front:

1. Using wire cutters, snip gemstones from a costume bracelet or necklace.
2. Using a hot-glue gun, attach gems to the lid in a pattern.
3. Tie ribbon into a bow; secure with hot glue to the center of the lid.

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A Healthy Sampler

healthy valentine's day treat box with pink ribbon
Aaron Dyer

This gift box bearing treats has all the delights of a Valentine's Day package, but its nutrient-rich contents are a treat for the heart as much as for the taste buds. Put a box together by arranging cupcake liners inside and filling them with dark chocolate, dried or dehydrated red-colored fruit (strawberries, cranberries, red plums, and goji berries), and low-sodium vegetable chips (beet and red potato).

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Cookie Envelopes

diy valentine paper cookie envelopes
Aaron Dyer

If you're thinking of hand-delivering an edible valentine this year, consider slipping an oversize cookie into one of these hand-folded envelopes. The freezer-paper lining keeps the package free from grease marks and smudges. To make one, start by cutting a 7 x 7-inch square of freezer paper, and another of patterned medium-weight paper. Place freezer-paper square on top of the other square. Fold each corner of the combined square in, so all four points meet in the center. Tape along two bottom seams; insert your treat. Tape down last flap and attach a label. Optional: Tie a bow with bakers' twine.

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Heart to Heart Garland Gift Boxes

Valentine's Day heart-punched gift packaging
Aaron Dyer

Show a plainly wrapped gift a little love—with pretty punch-and-link hearts. Using a heart-garland punch, cut out shapes from colored vellum, then link them together using the tabs and notches. Arrange the linked hearts around a wrapped box, and secure them in back with clear tape. No need for a gift tag—simply write the recipient's name on one of the hearts. Try alternating colors, layering rows in different shades, or adding in a few metallic-paper hearts.

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Wood Veneer Heart Box

Valentine's Day heart box of chocolates
Greg Vore

Skip the doilies and ruffles this year—instead, give a wood-grain chocolate box that's chic and sweet. You can make the whole gift from scratch, fashioning the package from poster board, topping it with stick-on veneer, and filling it with bonbons tucked into mini baking cups. Or cover a store-bought box with the veneer.

Follow these steps for the top and bottom:

1. Use a craft knife to cut poster board into four 8 1/2-by-11-inch pieces. Print templates onto two pieces.
2. Use spray adhesive to back each printed template with another sheet of poster board, then join a veneer sheet to each pair (so you have two three-layer pieces with templates showing on one side of each).
3. Cut out according to templates, making one top and one bottom.

Follow these steps for the sides:

1. Join two more pieces of poster board with spray adhesive.
2. Adhere four 17-inch-long strips of veneer tape to poster board; cut out.
3. Dab hot glue along the edge of one strip. Position onto the top piece of the box according to the template, starting at the top V of the heart; work carefully and add more glue as needed to align strip. (We glued veneer facing in.) Repeat, adding second strip to box top.
4. Trim ends at the bottom of the heart for a neat point. If desired, use a marker matching in color to the poster board to fill in any cut-paper edges for a seamless look. Repeat for the bottom of the box.

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Stenciled Truffle Boxes

Valentine's Day heart box of chocolates
Greg Vore

Adorned with graphic designs in neon pink and orange, these boxes can be used and displayed well after the holiday. Stencil the patterns onto veneer and use it to top shallow cardboard boxes (the kind usually used for gifts of jewelry).

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Foil Chocolate Bars

Valentine's Day chocolate bars
Greg Vore

Play Willy Wonka and make the most of the shiny foil on a bar of chocolate—it will show through punched patterns on a paper band. All of these designs were created with a half-heart punch, so you can fold the flap back for a three-dimensional, bicolored effect; you can also overlap cutouts for intricate looks and make toppers for boxes (top left and bottom right). Look for chocolate bars with a foil wrap beneath their printed labels. These bars are often in the grocery store's baking section.

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Candy Crush Boxes

Valentine's Day boxes of candy
Greg Vore

Use colorful treats to make your feelings known—or even spell them right out—in Pop Art–style arrangements. Start with a transparent-plastic candy box, then create letter or heart shapes from paper. Fill the shapes and the area around them with candies in contrasting hues. Smaller candies work best in these boxes—they fit snugly inside the shapes. Try hot cinnamon candies, candy-coated chocolates, mini jelly beans, and tiny hearts.

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Valentine's Day Candy Packaging

valentine's day packaging

Wrap up your Valentine's favorite sweets in a cellophane bag. Cut a 4 x 4-inch square of Valentine paper, and score it in the center with a bone folder, before folding in half. Then punch one edge of the paper with the edge punch. Place folded, punched paper on top of the bag and staple in the center of the paper to secure to the bag. Then cover the staple with a Valentine sticker.

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Valentine's Day "Candy" Hearts Arrangement


Create these candy hearts for a romantic touch to any Valentine's Day gift. Cut out paper conversation hearts. Using string, attach paper conversation hearts to an 11-inch piece of wire bent into a curve. Tuck into a bouquet (we used parrot tulips and nerine lilies).

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Punched-Paper Treat Bags

valentine's day paper gift bags

Place your love's Valentine's Day gift inside a colorful paper bag. Choose one bag color for an inside lining, and one for the outside. Then, trim any rough edges from the top opening. Trim the top of the outside bag to 1/2-inch below the first. With the lining bag still folded, use the edge punch to punch through the front and back of the top of the bag—starting in the center and moving outward for best results.

With the outer bag still folded, use the punch-all-over-the-page punch to punch through center of bag. Open both bags and place the lining bag inside the outer bag. Place the gift inside and give to your sweetheart.

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