Clip Art and Templates for Halloween


Carve the perfect pumpkin and create spooky party invitations and decorations using our clip art and templates.

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Hanging Snake and Frog Vellum Lanterns


These giant gothic lanterns will hang ominously over your buffet table.

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Butterfly Specimens


Use butterfly clip art to create party decorations that come to life.

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Etched Victorian Pumpkins

Antoine Bootz

This sideboard tableau intersperses luminous pumpkins with a decanter of wine, a stand with fruit, and other objects evocative of Edgar Allan Poe and his tales of horror. To render the glowing silhouettes, we used two techniques: The bright candelabrum and goblet are cut through the pumpkins' walls, while the textured quill and skull are pared gently from the outer shells. Pumpkins of different hues, including white Lumina, a green-gray Jarrahdale, and burnt-orange cheese pumpkins, add tonal variety.

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Mirror with Glowing Eyes


Glow-in-the-dark glitter gives this Halloween decoration its one-of-a-kind look.

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Skull Treat Boxes

Johnny Miller

Mischievous smiles make these skulls more sweet than scary.

Print the Skull Treat Box Template

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Pumpkin Creatures


Mischievous spirits, lacking bodies of their own, have been known to set up house inside scooped-out pumpkins and gourds. You can offer help by arranging these Halloween standbys into animal shapes -- all the better for playful souls to occupy.

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Ellie Miller

Hair-raising party decorations don't need to be costly or fussy. You can make these frightening flourishes with our template, some inexpensive craft supplies, and just a few minutes of your time.

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Candy Box Templates

Johnny Miller

Dole out treats this Halloween in our frightfully charming candy boxes.

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Pumpkin with Vulture's Cage


In this project, a smaller pumpkin is nested inside a larger one to create the look of a vulture trapped in a cage.

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Creepy Crawly Invitations


Guests will expect an unusual event when they receive invitations crawling with bugs.

Print the Creepy Crawly Invitations Clip Art

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Black Cat Silhouette


Use double-sided tape to place these cats where guests might least expect to find them -- whether they're perched inside framed prints or hiding in the window.

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Morbid Multiples


Not one but five apple gourds, which have an unpleasantly mottled hue, lie in wait on this sill. Their shifty glances and tormented frowns were carved to look similar -- yet not quite the same. A bed of dead branches ensures this vengeful band will get no sleep.

Print the Shifty Glances and Tormented Frown Templates

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Paper Shadows


Shadows are emblematic of Halloween: They're dark and fleeting, and always lurking a step behind you. But decorating with them is impossible -- at least without black magic. Use some black paper and a little craftiness to make silhouettes, and you'll get the next best thing.

Print the Staircase Template

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Bone Frame with Sea-Life Clip Art


Create an arm-bone frame to display our sea life designs or another suitably spooky work of art.

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Ravenous Pumpkin


This ravenous pumpkin is cursed: He must offer up sweets to children all evening, yet he is not allowed to eat them (neither the sweets nor the children). A treat-filled bowl was placed in his cavernous mouth, and miniature flashlights were tucked on either side, against his jowls.

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Hanging Owl Treat Boxes


These woodland favors are pinecone boxes disguised as birds of prey. The textured ridges resemble feathers, and crepe-paper embellishments finish the owl's menacing look.

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Two-Faced Pumpkin


In case its startling greeting didn't scare you, this pumpkin also projects a leering visage onto the wall behind it.

Print the Face Template

Print the Boo! Template

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Witch Jack-o'-Lantern

Johnny Miller

Bumpy, lumpy, and greenish gray, these Hubbard squashes have the perfect complexions for making warty witch jack-o'-lanterns.

Print the Witch Jack-o'-Lantern Template

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Glitter Silhouettes


Create Halloween decorations that shimmer by adding glitter to our witch, jack-o'-lantern, skull, spider, or owl templates.

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Folded Paper Halloween Hang-Ups


Floating, spinning visages will draw extra attention to a table of goodies.

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Fierce Feline Pumpkin


Make a ferocious cat that claws at balls of twine filled with candy.

Print the Fierce Feline Template

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Hanging Acorn Treat Boxes


Pressed-paper acorn boxes get dressed up for Halloween, evoking vintage treat containers handed out by candy shops and bakeries in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Print the Acorn Treat Box Template

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Think twice before you toss those used jars; You can give them a second life as cute Halloween decorations. Just paint them in pumpkin colors and give them funny faces.

Print the Jar-o'-Lanterns Template

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Clothespin Bats


Spine-chilling as it sounds, a colony of bats hanging from the highest reaches of your house serve as the perfect welcome for guests -- if you're throwing a Halloween party. You can also clip these clothespin bats onto tree branches or bushes outdoors to greet trick-or-treaters.

Print the Bat Template

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Skeleton Invitations


Strike fear and anticipation into the hearts of your guests with invites that set a spooky mood the moment they emerge from the envelope.

Print the Skeleton Clip Art

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Jack the Winker

Wendell T. Webber

Carve a screwy face into a pumpkin, and make him wink using socket kits and small appliance bulbs.

Print the Jack the Winker Template

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Shocking Silhouettes

Kate Sears

As day turns to night, call on candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home. When fierce silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls.

Print the Shocking Silhouettes Template

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Spooky Paper Curtains


Replace fabric curtains with elegant, gothic-inspired ones made of paper.

Print the Paper Curtains Template

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Mini Jack-o'-Lanterns


Add a centerpiece of a pack o' lanterns to your table. These toothy little guys will enliven the whole room.

Print the Mini Jack-o'-Lantern Templates

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Bat Treat Boxes


We used an egg-shaped paper box -- with a treat hidden inside -- to make this playful bat decoration.

Print the Bat Treat Box Template

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Spider Squash


What would Halloween be without a macabre evocation of the denizens of the night? These multilegged creatures rise up from the damp earth and moss to skitter across cold stones.

Print the Spider Template

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Candy Jar Treats

Johnny Miller

A selection of sunny sweets is even more tempting when displayed in glass containers with cheerful labels.

Print the Candy Jar Treat Labels

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Vellum Halloween Table Lanterns


When the sun goes down, set a spooky scene with these dramatic lanterns made from simple supplies and our exclusive clip-art designs.

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Silhouette Curtains

William Abranowicz

Give guests (and neighbors) a scare with curtains that reveal a scary figure lurking indoors.

Print the Silhouette Curtains Template

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Vine and Leaf Pumpkins


Create a sophisticated pumpkin centerpiece with sinuous stems and fanned leaves.

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Owl Invitations

Johnny Miller

These avian hunters, equipped with clenched talons and a piercing stare, foretell a ferociously fun evening.

Print the Owl Invitation Clip Art

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Celtic Knot Pumpkin


For an intricate and unique jack-o'-lantern, try carving a Celtic knot -- a complete loop with no end or beginning -- into a pumpkin.

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Punch Bowl Pumpkin


Fill a pumpkin with dry ice for a smoldering display, or use it to serve punch.

Print the Punch Bowl Template

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Faux Bois Pumpkin


Looping wood grain onto your pumpkin is a cool, unexpected twist.

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Paper Mice Decorations


These creepy, crawly paper mice are not so nice. Stick these unsavory critters on stair risers, baseboards, or any spot where they might give unsuspecting passersby a little jump.

Print the Mice Template

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Funkin Witch Carousel


Turn a Funkin into a spinning witch carousel you can use for Halloween year after year.

Print the Witch Template

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Witch and Cat Lawn Ornaments


This sinister sorceress and her trio of menacing felines are in a black humor -- all the better to give guests a start when they arrive at your home for the festivities.

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Farmer's Field Pumpkin

Antoine Bootz

A rickety picket fence unites a row of pumpkins in a depiction of a farmer's field.

Print the Farmer's Field Pumpkin Template

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Skull Potato-Stamped Treat Bags


Use these simple and inventive skull potato stamps to add a spooky touch to Halloween treat bags.

Print the Skull Template

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Black Magic Pumpkins


These puckish pumpkins, with paint-blackened rinds and orange-gold interiors, thumb their carved noses at traditional jack-o'-lanterns.

Print the Black Magic Templates

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Witch Silhouette


Add a bewitching touch to walls and windows with our wicked-witch-on-a-broomstick silhouette.

Print the Witch on a Broomstick Template

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Halloween Luminary Invitations


These dual-purpose Halloween invitations remind guests to save the date and later act as a treat bag for their party favors.

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Pumpkins with Marbelized Paper Leaves


The stippled skins of these "One Too Many" pumpkins are adorned with marbleized Florentine-paper leaves and millinery-wire tendrils. Mini "White Ball" gourds nestle at their feet, while "Baby Boo" pumpkins find a spot at the table as place markers.

Because none of the pumpkins in this subtly colored centerpiece are carved, they can last well into the fall, perhaps even until Thanksgiving.

Print the Leaf Template

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Candy-Filled Headstones


Only brave party guests dare disturb the tasty contents of these graves.

Print the Headstone Treat Templates

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Pumpkin-Top Invitations


On the outside, pumpkin invites bear a greeting; pull up on the pumpkin top to reveal the party details.

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Spooky Silhouette Pumpkins


An ink-coated silhouette is a sophisticated variation on pumpkin carving.

Print the Spooky Silhouette Templates

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Deadly Drink Labels


Only the bravest of party guests will dare imbibe these terrifying drinks.

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Pumpkin Basket


Turn a lopsided pumpkin into a basket for a spooky bouquet.

Print the Pumpkin Basket Template

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Flying Bat Mobile


Suspend a colony of creepy bats above the party table to give guests a scare.

Print the Bat Template

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Eyes of Newt Clip Art Favor Boxes


Send your guests home at the end of the night with newt-eye favors (green jellybeans), packed in wooden boxes topped with clip-art labels.

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Fish Skeleton Silhouettes


These spooky fish bones will add a creepy touch to any kitchen.

Print the Fish Skeleton Templates

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Coffin Treat Boxes


Surprise your guests with inventive coffin treat boxes full of deadly delights.

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The base of a Cinderella pumpkin makes a perfect face for a jack-o'-clock.

Print the Jack-o'-Clock Template

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Message in a Bottle Invitations

Lucas Allen

Lure guests from their homes with mysterious party invitations in apothecary-style bottles.

Print the Invitation Templates

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Trick-or-Treat Bags


Let kids decorate their own trick-or-treat bags with ghosts, bats, spiders, and reflective fabric for glow-in-the-dark fun.

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Spooky Bird Silhouettes


Set an ominous scene for visitors with these window silhouettes of monstrous birds.

Print the Bird Template

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Spiderweb Clip Art


Cobwebs, incorporated into the fireplace's molding, provide a resting spot for long-legged critters.

To make them, print out our cobweb labels on self-adhesive computer paper. Affix to the molding of the fireplace or any other place in the household where spiders might lurk.

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Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Bags


For the serious Halloween reveler, the trick-or-treat bag isn't merely a vessel for the evening's spoils; it must also be a spooky costume accessory.

Print the Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Template

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Insect Coasters


Serve potent potions on our creepy-crawly insect coasters.

Print the Insect Coasters

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Candy Artifact Display


Tempt your guests with an array of candies masquerading as botanical or nautical artifacts. Create a cabinet of curiosities by arranging labeled jars in wooden cubbies.

Print the Labels

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Noisemakers and Place Cards


These bats cause double trouble -- as noisemakers and place cards.

Print the Noisemakers and Place Card Clip Art

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Wine Bottle Labels

William Abranowicz

Creative labels turn wine into Queasy Riesling and Murky Merlot.

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Creepy Candy Jar Labels


These candy jar decorations are both elegant and eerie -- perfect for amusing guests over the holiday.

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Choirboy Squashes


Legend has it that the luckless souls who hear the Three Squashes' song of woe shall vanish into the nearest vegetable patch, never to be seen or heard from again. Since narrow squashes are easier to hollow out if you work from both ends, these guys had the tops of their heads cut off.

Print Choirboy 1 Template
Print Choirboy 2 Template
Print Choirboy 3 Template

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Ghost in the Mirror

johnny Mi l l e r

Even if you tend to be scared of your own shadow, you'll still smile at your reflection, thanks to this friendly spirit on your mirror.

Print the Ghost Template

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Dancing Black Cat Silhouettes


These playful cats are having a wicked time at this Halloween Party. One has even leapt into the candy barrel.

Print the Dancing Black Cat Silhouette Templates
Print 13 Other Cat Silhouette Templates

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Candlestick Pumpkin

Antoine Bootz

A bell-shaped squash serves as a vertical canvas for a moth-to-flame carving.

Print the Candlestick Template

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Batty Bags

Sang An

Cinch cellophane bags of jelly beans with these easy-to-make construction-paper-covered clothespins.

Print the Bat Template

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Witch Silhouette Pumpkin


Carve a full-moon silhouette behind a wicked witch with our carve-by-colors technique.

Print the Witch Silhouette Template

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