DIY Wedding Projects

A sure way to add personality to your wedding day? Fill it with handmade details. Our DIY wedding ideas make it easy to create custom details for every aspect of your big day. We also have hundreds of free printable templates and step-by-step instructions for creating your own DIY save-the-dates, wedding invitations, programs, menus, favors, and more.

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Buffet Napkin Fold
Here's a super-chic way to set the table for your wedding reception (or future dinner parties!). Slip a menu, place card, single bud, or set of utensils into the decorative pouch.
Pocket Napkin Fold
These clever linens serve double-duty as elegant placeholders. For your wedding celebration (and dinner parties to come!), slip a menu, place card, single bud, or set of utensils into the sleek pouch.
Flower Crown
You won’t need a green thumb to tackle this easy DIY project designed by The Kitchy Kitchen’s Claire Thomas.
Envelope Napkin Fold
Just like its paper counterpart, this super-simple design is ideal for holding any kind of card. Seal in a special surprise at your wedding reception or dinner parties to come.

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Pleated Napkin Fold
Arranging dinner napkins artfully is an inexpensive way to make tables look elegant at your wedding celebration (or dinner parties to follow). This pretty square design makes the case for forgoing large centerpieces or skipping other table linens altogether.
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