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Different kinds of beans cook at different rates, so it's best to prepare them in separate pans (working in batches if necessary). The salad can be made with just a few types instead of all five, as long as the total amount of dried beans still measures 2 1/2 cups.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2011


Recipe Summary test

30 mins
5 hrs
Makes 10 cups


For the Salad
For the Dressing


Instructions Checklist
  • Make the salad: Coverbeans with water in separatesaucepans, and bring to aboil. Remove from heat, andlet stand for 1 hour.

  • Drain, and return beans totheir saucepans. Add a bay leaf,a piece of carrot, and a pieceof celery to each pan, and coverwith water by 2 inches.

  • Bring to a boil. Skim foam.Add 1/2 teaspoon salt to eachsaucepan. Reduce heat, and simmer vigorously until beans aretender, 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours,depending on size and age ofbeans. Drain, and let cool.

  • Meanwhile, bring a large potof water to a boil. Add haricotsverts and 1 tablespoon salt.Cook until tender and brightgreen, about 3 minutes. Drain,and run under cold waterto stop the cooking process.

  • Make the dressing: Whisktogether vinegar and mustard.Gradually whisk in oil. Seasonwith salt and pepper.

  • Mix the salad: Combine beanswith haricots verts, herbs, andtomatoes. Drizzle with dressing,and toss to coat. Let stand for30 minutes.

Cook's Notes

Bean salad can be refrigerated for up to 1 day.