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Monogram Place Mat

Silk-screen a monogram onto leather for place mats. Use the same monogram as a pattern for matching napkins. You can embroider them (using colorfast thread) if you’re skilled with a needle, or send them out to a pro.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2011



    • Leather, cut into 12-by-18-inch pieces (we used Bottle Green)

    • Painters' tape

    • Textile paint, in white

    • 12-inch squeegee


    1. Look at font books, vintage monogrammed napkins, or handkerchiefs to find a look you like. Send your inspiration to a graphic designer, such as Linsey Laidlaw, to create your monogram and framed silk screen.

    2. Lay leather right side up, with the short side facing you; secure with painters' tape. Place silkscreen frame on top.

    3. Apply a generous strip of paint 1 1/2 inches above design. With squeegee at a 45-degree angle, drag from top to bottom.

    4. Carefully lift screen away from mat to avoid smudging paint. Let dry overnight.

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