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If your dog or cat has a repertoire of tricks, always seems to be the center of attention, or owns a distinct personality, they may be candidates for fame and stardom. Animal agent Catherine Long explains that commercials, films, television, magazines, and advertisements frequently use animals as models or actors.

If you're interested in helping your pet break into the business, he or she should be comfortable traveling, accept strange environments with ease, and respond well to unfamiliar sights and sounds. Dogs should be trained to respond to both voice and hand signals.

You'll probably need an animal agent, and Cathryn notes that it is paramount to find a good one, preferably an experienced agent with equal concern for owners and pets alike. They should also put the safety and well-being of animal before all else. It's important to have a portfolio that includes high-quality headshots and body shots taken in front of solid backgrounds. While dogs and cats are used most often, more exotic pets are frequently in demand.



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