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Towel Favor How-To

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 21 2007


  • Scissors¬†

  • Scalloped pinking shears

  • Colored fabric (we used a cotton-polyester blend), , and green or other contrasting-color thread.

  • Eye buttons or adhesive-backed eyes

  • Kraft paper

  • A fabric pencil

  • Green or other contrasting-color thread.


  1. Transfer the template to kraft paper, then trace it onto a double layer of fabric. Cut out the sides and bottom of fish shapes with scalloped shears; for the mouth, leave a 1/2-inch seam allowance and cut with regular scissors.

  2. Sew pieces together at the mouth, and turn right-side out.

  3. Iron the mouth flat. Sew or glue an eye onto the side that will face out. Pin the fish onto the center of the towel.

  4. Sew the fish to the towel using a zigzag stitch, leaving the mouth open. Tuck favors inside.

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