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Chinese five-spice powder and ground pepper give this down-home pie a hint of sophistication, but the filling will also be delicious if you leave them out.



For the Crust
For the Filling


Instructions Checklist
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Make the crust: Unfold pastry on a very lightly floured baking sheet, and roll out to a 1/8-inch thickness. Set a 9-inch pie plate, upside down (do not press down), on 1 side of pastry, and cut around plate using a sharp paring knife. Remove dish. Cut five 3/4-inch-wide strips from scraps.

  • Brush round with egg wash (do not let drip down sides), adhere strips to surface, and brush again with egg wash. Cut out a 2 1/2-inch hole in the center of pastry round using a biscuit cutter. Sprinkle with sanding sugar. Freeze for 15 minutes.

  • Make the filling: Mix together plums, blackberries, granulated sugar, cornstarch, five-spice powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper.

  • Pour filling into pie plate, and cover with parchment-lined foil. Transfer to a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet.

  • Bake pastry crust on top rack and filling in bottom third of oven for 30 minutes. Transfer crust on baking sheet to a wire rack (it should be golden and cooked through). Let cool slightly.

  • Continue to bake filling until starting to bubble in center, about 30 minutes more. Remove from oven, uncover, and top with pastry crust.

  • Bake pie until bubbling vigorously in center, about 10 minutes more. Transfer pie to a wire rack, and let cool for at least 1 hour before serving.


10 Ratings
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