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5 Laundry Room Organizing Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, June 2011

No matter the size or location of your laundry room, keeping space bright and organized will make household tasks feel like less of a chore. TV art director Anduin Havens shares five tips for keeping everything in its proper place:

  1. Label drawers and storage boxes for an at-a-glance way to tell what's inside.
  2. For an attractive way to store linens, detergent, or other small items, try fabric drawers.
  3. Keep a sliding wardrobe rod in the laundry room to hang clothes for drying or temporary storage.
  4. Cut back on home energy consumption by using a drying rack instead of a machine dryer. If your drying needs are relatively light, consider forgoing a machine completely, which also saves space.
  5. Keep laundry care information close at hand with a laminated chart.

Laundry Care Card

Tools and Materials

  • Laundry care tags template
    Stain removal basics template   
    Double-sided tape
    Paper trimmer (or craft knife and ruler)
    Screw punch (or hole punch)
    Xyron 9-inch Creative Station (fitted with two-sided laminate cartridge)
    Binder ring (optional)
  • Laundry Care Card How-To

  • 1. Download and print out both templates on cardstock.
    2. Affix wrong sides of templates together with double-sided tape.
    3. With the stain removal basics template facing upward, use paper trimmer (or craft knife and ruler) to trim the edges of the template, cutting off the template header, footer, and margins, and leaving about an 1/8-inch margin around the main text and graphics.
    4. With a screw punch (or hole punch), punch a hole in the card in one of the upper corners.
    5. To laminate, run the card through a Xyron Creative Station fitted with a two-sided laminate cartridge.
    6. Remove card from machine and use paper trimmer (or craft knife and ruler) to trim laminate about 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the card.
    7. Using the screw punch with a smaller bit, punch a hole in the center of the previously punched hole. This will allow a hook or binder ring to fit through without compromising the integrity of the laminate.
  • Care Card Resources

  • Paper trimmer and screw punch available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Nine-inch Creative Station and two-sided laminate cartridge available from Xyron.

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