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Italian Meringue Buttercream

Recipe photo courtesy of Johnny Miller

Use this recipe to frost your favorite layer cake.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January 2004



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  • dgcooper82
    14 JUL, 2018
    I was a little intimidated at first when reading other blogs and recipes, but this one was simple and to the point. It was easier than I expected and tastes great! I don't generally like Buttercream because it's so sweet, so this is a nice alternative to the super sweet, American Buttercream.
  • ALR3632246DW
    20 MAY, 2018
    I have used this recipe a dozen times; it has never flopped. I've flavored it with lemon zest and juice for lemon frosting; raspberry reduction for a beautiful naturally pink raspberry frosting, and Triple sec with orange zest for orange frosting (try that on cranberry cake at Christmas--amazing!) The texture is unbelievably smooth, and it is not too sweet. Every time I frost a cake with this, it gets rave reviews. If you have trouble with it separating, just keep beating it; it will come back together. If you have to make it ahead, refrigerate it, but know it will separate when you start beating it--just keep beating, it will be just fine!
  • margaretabutter
    11 MAY, 2018
    This is a delicious recipe. I don't know why it has only 3 stars!!
  • teresalloy4435399
    6 MAR, 2018
    It seems to be simply fun to make and the recipe is simple to fallow, very Martha Stewart
    8 DEC, 2013
    Your directions suck butt! Please do yourself a favor: if you are not a Bakery Chef, please find other directions or you will either drive yourself mad or never bake again. Thanks for nothing Martha Stewart
    • ekeizer8199514
      1 JAN, 2018
      This comment is belligerent and inappropriate and needs to be deleted.
  • candybarpie
    28 AUG, 2017
    Hello will this icing hold up well in warm weahter? if i put in 10% shortening in it thanks
  • littleliz621
    2 JUL, 2017
    I've made buttercream before but this has been the only one i liked 😊 it tastes awesome and the texture is great
  • ALR3632246DW
    16 MAY, 2017
    I've made this recipe several times, and it has turned out perfectly every time. It is luscious, so creamy, and not overly sweet. This is so much better than standard buttercream which can form a crust, and can be too sweet. I am perplexed by other reviewers who found fault with the directions; they seemed straightforward. The only problem is that I have to rely on testing the sugar as it forms the soft ball, because it reaches that stage long before my candy thermometer reaches 238 degrees. I have added lemon juice and zest to make an amazing lemon frosting, and raspberry reduction to make a beautiful raspberry frosting. This frosting can be flavored a number of ways. This is a generous recipe that easily frosts a 3 layer 9 inch cake. Everyone raves over this frosting. It's a winner!
  • keenansandy
    9 AUG, 2016
    I made this recipe and loved it!!! The only thing is that my cakes are filled with fillings that need to be refrigerated and when this icing is refrigerated it gets so hard like butter.. Any suggestions??
    • robinanne59169
      28 APR, 2017
      It's supposed to get hard, as it's buttercream! If you make it ahead of icing your cakes, then give it about a 30-45 minutes sitting out at room temperature, and I give it a whip through again. If the cake is all done, then just take it out, the same amount of time, to come to room temperature. If you're going to decorate, it's a lot easier when it is hard and cold. This is what I've made since pastry and baking school and everyone loves it, even non-cake eaters. It's versatile and easy!
  • OhMyGoshGanache
    28 MAR, 2015
    This is my go-to buttercream that I also add different flavors to (white chocolate, coconut extract, strawberries, etc). I usually find that I need about 3/4 Lb of butter instead of the whole pound. I usually add a dash of salt as well. I find this is an easier method of making buttercream than swiss meringue. Anyway, thanks
    • keenansandy
      9 AUG, 2016
      Hi! I made this icing and love it! Except I filled my cake with Canoli filling which needs to be refrigerated but the buttercream hardens in the refrigerator.. Any suggestions or just use a different filling that does not need to refrigerated?

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