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Postcard How-To

Use our clip art to whip up these clever homemade postcards. Then drop a bit of summertime into the mail for your friends.  

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2011


If you have an ink-jet color printer, you can pull off this project. It's especially fun to do with kids (just be sure you handle the knife yourself).


  1. Print postcard design (Bottle in the Sand, Crab, Beach Balls, Blossom, Ice Pops) on card stock. Use bone folder to score along dotted line; fold. Apply glue to 1 half; press halves together. Rub to remove air pockets. Let dry.

  2. Cut out image. For the sea-themed cards, snip along edges of images with small, sharp scissors. For the classic rectangular ones, align a ruler with each side, and cut with craft knife.

  3. Add details: glue a shell or a sprinkle of sand to the bottle, or a scrap of an onion bag to the crab for a net. Glue glitter to the fish or any card that needs some sparkle.

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