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Perfect Roast Chicken

Recipe photo courtesy of Eric Asimov

The almost universal appeal of roasted chicken stems from its power to comfort. The ideal roasted chicken recipe will leave your chicken golden brown and gleaming, tender and juicy. The crackle of chicken as it roasts and the wondrous aroma that perfumes the kitchen provoke a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 1997



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How would you rate this recipe?
  • tikijon2314140
    29 MAR, 2019
    In the Oven now !!
  • mervealici2484899
    31 DEC, 2017
    This recipe works every time and is good for many occasions. I love that it's simple yet sophisticated. I prefer to caramelise the onions with some orange juice and dried parsley as I do not have the tools listed in this recipe to prepare the gravy. It works well too.
  • ajackstx1355607
    29 DEC, 2017
    I added a cup of heated chicken stock when I check it (1/2 hour left to cook). The chicken wasn't making much juice. Worked great and the gravy was outstanding!
  • Suzanne Burrows
    16 JAN, 2015
    Good recipe but putting your hands into a bowl of salt after having them on a raw chicken is unsafe. You either have to throw out the rest of the salt or just use a shaker or smaller bowl to do it. Remember your audience may not know this.
    • MS11125285
      26 OCT, 2017
      Wow, bet you’re fun at parties.
    • MS11125285
      15 SEP, 2017
      Thank you germ police.
  • brennamaetg
    6 MAR, 2017
    This recipe is the only way to go! I simplify: cold butter cut up and placed on top. No need to tie the legs. I don't even make the gravy - well all just s[filtered] the pan drippings on to the chicken - that fat is good fat!
    • MS11125285
      15 SEP, 2017
      Chicken fat is good fat? Butter is good fat? Define good fat, please.
  • darylmather
    30 APR, 2017
    This was truly outstanding. My boys a fussy eater and he loved it too. One for the meal rotation.
  • MS10603064
    8 MAR, 2015
    Teaching my youngest son to cook - he's a teenager. A few weeks ago he made a roast chicken for Sunday dinner accompanied by roast vegetables and homemade cole slaw. The next day, he made broth from the carcass and then made a wonderful roast tomato soup and quesadillas made using some of the leftover roast chicken. Now I know he will never starve :-)
  • lembest
    28 MAR, 2014
    We need to try this in our country with my family. We usually do it with old charcoal style specially with our roasted chicken or lechon business
  • debra12q
    25 NOV, 2013
    i love roasted foods! great recipe! thank you! top 10 food processors
  • BekaRN
    12 OCT, 2013
    The recipe is good and my sons who are picky eaters ate it up! However, the cook to temp of 180 for breast meat is WAY over cooked! I use a thermometer to monitor while cooking, and when the breast meat was 165 degrees, I took it out. The chicken was moist, and no pink meat or juices!

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